Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

yeah hence why you cant really trust americas 46% winrate because of the AIM and KVT

Computer! Translate the signal!


gajin adding the 2a7HU before the ariete version propably could be one of the worst decisions , since nobody would play them. This patch italy propably gets the Centauro 2 first of all

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Well, it’s an animal and Russian so I’m betting on this one

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hah , so it is a german one lol

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I can’t disagree more.


Nah, i would say it mostly depends on how good the players are. I can carry team at top tier with Italy MBTs and we both know they are the worse one in game. Sadly even tho i get on first place. i cannot win the game if 98% of my team is gone after 3 min after they die once.

He was on about italy

Centauro I 120> any ariete.

jup checks out


2023 t80 with no changes nice

I completely agree with you, he shouldn’t have gone to the COM forum.

in what way? the leopards in game just are way better then the ariete

Yeah the more premium that are good in a nation the more likely you get level 10s who don’t know how to play

another one of the leak list confirmed!

Yup…that is why sometimes i with that high tiers were player lvl lock

I dont see the pack yet