T-80UM-1 "Snow Leopard"

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I… I love premium and event tanks. They tend to be more unique and rare (I love that).

I really like to see tanks\planes with history, unique looks and features that would set them apart from regular vehicles.

My opinion about the wrong decisions and elections when introducing premium tanks and planes:


Lately, there have been a lot of cases where premium tanks and planes are just a copy of regular ones with repaints. Leopard, Abrams are vivid examples.
Even the Su-39 essentially got a toy “Kopye-25”, for which they did not introduce weapons that would be guided with it. Although the Su-39 (which is another name for the Su-25TM) could have gotten a Thermal Imager and MMW radar see my topic.

I think we will soon be getting rank 8 tanks similar to airplanes. It turns out that soon the game will need premium rank 7 tanks. And I have a candidate for the USSR. This tank is perfect and great in all parameters of a premium tank:

  1. It is low production and has its own history
  2. It has its own unique camouflage that was on it whenever it appeared in front of the public.
  3. It is competitive
  4. It has features that distinguish it from its conventional counterpart.

Meet: T-80UM-1 “Snow Leopard” (“Bars” on russian).
Technicial name - Object 219АС-М1
This is a modification of the T-80U tank, which is in the game, but has several features:

  1. Redesigned transmission, which improved its maneuverability and preservation of dynamics on turns.
    The speed gain during active maneuvering was about 10% on average

  2. Installed IRCM Shtora-1, which is already in the game on the T-90 and T-80UK (quite useless at high levels so far)

  3. Arena" active protection system is installed (stops projectiles up to 700m/s like Drozd, but has an extended protection zone of 270 degrees in azimuth).
    A characteristic feature of the Arena is the radar unit in the form of a small barrel on the roof of the tank, which detects a flying shell.

    More photo Arena system:

Arena photo


  1. The cannon has been replaced by 2A46M-4, which allows the use of 9M119M1 guided missiles (such as those on the T-90 in the game).
    In WT guided missiles on tanks are not very effective, so this change is insignificant

The rest of the parameters:
Otherwise this tank is a copy of the T-80:

  • same 3BM46 shell
  • same ERA Kontakt-5 protection
  • same 1250 horsepower engine
  • same 1st generation thermal imager.

From him he inherits all faults:

  • slow turret rotation speed (24 degrees per second)
  • slow lowering/raising of the gun
  • low reverse speed
  • vulnerable areas in the armor
  • 3 crew member
  • Ammo in hull

At all exhibitions and trials, the tank wore Yellow-Brown camouflage, which made it stand out from all other T-80s of the time.

Unique camo

A bit of history:


The main idea behind the T-80UM-1 project was to improve crew and ammunition protection based on the experience of the Chechen war, in which the T-80 series tanks proved to be very vulnerable in urban combat. Therefore, the most notable modernization of the Bars was the addition of Active protection “Arena”. In addition, the tank received the “Shtora-1” IRCM, as well as an improved fire extinguisher system and nuclear, biological and chemical kits. At the time, it was assumed that the level of protection taking into account all these changes would be three times higher than that of the earlier T-80U.

The prototype was presented to the public at the VTTV-97 exhibition, also held in Omsk in 1997. It is worth noting that a prototype of the Object 640 “Black Eagle” was presented at this exhibition.
“Black Eagle” overshadowed the T-80UM-1 “Bars”, but the latter was a much more practical and cheaper to produce machine. According to some reports, the T-80UM-1 was not only being tested by that time, but was almost ready for serial production.

I think the T-80UM-1 would be an awesome premium tank that would become legendary and successfully marketed in the game for years to come.
At the same time, those who bought it would get a set of interesting game differences, as well as a unique camouflage.

Some beautiful photos of T-80UM-1

More photo






Would make an excellent event tank for those who missed the T-80UM-2, and a neat collector’s item! +1


I’d be happy to buy it even now plus it should be a gold standard of premuim/event vehicles unique but doesn’t take anything away from players who don’t have money/cash. +1

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You’re right, it’s exactly the kind of rare, unique looking and unique features that should be a premium.

Adding a repainted T-80 with no differences for 70 bucks is absolute hackwork. Premium vehicles should be unique and competitive.


I think it’s more suited for a premium tank, as in my opinion event tech is more likely to need to be even more exotic.

For example Polish/Czech T-72 or something like that.

Although in any case I want this tank in the game


A bit of information about the active defense complex.


The T-80U tank equipped with the T08-A5 active protection system automatically detects and defeats incoming anti-tank grenades and guided missiles in all conditions of combat use at any time of the year and at any time of the day.Starting in the mid-1980s, the Design Bureau-3 in cooperation with KBM (Kolomna) created, installed on three T-80B tanks and tested a fundamentally new active protection system. Approaching shells were destroyed no closer than 5-10 m to the tank. The protection was almost circular. Weakened areas of the tank (sights, optical devices, turret epaulettes, gun and machine gun embrasures) were protected.Thus, the tank’s protection reached a qualitatively new level, taking into account the integration of KAZ with VDZ and passive protection.Prior to the Arena KAZ, there were attempts by other design bureaus and research institutes to create this type of protection, but they did not achieve positive results. The old element base implied large weight and size characteristics of the complexes, which made it impossible to use the first KAZ prototypes on tanks. However, experience was gained and used by KB-3 and KBM in the new Arena complex.

Exceptionally businesslike and friendly relations have been established between KB-3 and KBM. We would like to note the understanding of problems and their joint solution with mutual concessions. KBM and its co-executors-electronics engineers switched to a new element base and implemented fundamentally new solutions for noise immunity of the onboard radar. This made it possible to compactly place and protect the system components inside and outside the tank. The merit of the Chief Design Bureau designers S.P. Nepobedimy, N.I. Gushchin and, of course, those with whom they had to “contact” on a daily basis was undoubtedly due to the Head of the Department V.I. Timofeev, specialists B.C. Kharkin and A.Z. Kashubsky, as well as V.I. Chekulov, L.D. Lvov, V.A. Devyatkin and L.I. Lovkin. The Arena system was installed on the tank by the Design Bureau-3 designers N.N. Soloviev, M.G. Shklovsky, V.I. Pchelkin and M.F. Boytsov. I was appointed by the General Designer to be responsible for the installation of the “Arena” KAZ on the T-80. It was a great honor and great responsibility, and most importantly a daily “headache”,

Preliminary tests of the Arena system on the T-80B tank made a lasting impression. The flight of an incoming projectile and its destruction on the trajectory were recorded using high-speed photography. Viewing clearly showed how 5-10 meters from the tank the incoming shells (missiles) exploded before reaching it. Before the projectile (missile) was destroyed, a special cassette was seen leaving the cell of the complex, detonating at a height of 1 m from the tank turret, followed by the release of a directional stream of defeat elements and the explosion of the projectile.No similar CAS has existed in the world to date.Despite successful tests, work on the Arena CAS was stopped in the early 1990s due to the well-known events in the country. At present, the interrupted research is gradually resuming.

It is to be hoped that the tremendous work carried out jointly with KBM and the co-developers of the radio-electronic part will still be successfully completed, and we should rightfully become pioneers in the use of the KAZ in tanks.The essence of the active protection method is that from the desire to resist the impact of a projectile by increasing the strength of the armor, we switch to influencing the projectile even before it hits the armor in order to destroy or damage it. At present, this applies mainly to anti-tank weapons with shaped-charge warheads, which make up the majority on the battlefield. The principle of operation of the “Arena” anti-tank gun is that protective ammunition capable of firing to a height of about 1 m and then exploding, creating a directional flow of destructive elements (fragments), is installed on the tank turret in a circle from the axis of its rotation. Under their influence, the approaching projectile is damaged, making it unable to penetrate the armor, or explodes on the trajectory.


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I want more people to show their opinion and vote for the appearance of this tank in WT.

Personally for me it would be the best premium tank I would want to buy, as it combines all the things I want to see in such a tank

  1. History
  2. Unique appearance
  3. Unique Differences
  4. Competitiveness


It will be fun if this was a tech tree tank. +1

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Why not just post T80U? Russia could use more actual top tier lineup vehicles. Could even be foldered


I know thats an old post but 2A46M-4 and 2A46M-5 (only difference between them is mounting, different for T80s and T72/T90 tanks) guns can use longer APDSFS shells lile 3BM60/3BM59. Only thing required in such case is improved autoloader to be able to fit such shells. Also considering whats left of nations to add, its gonna be mostly low production series tanks and/or prototypes. So imo should be tech tree when rank 8 ground vehicles are added.

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Saying all that about guns just because I am not sure if T80UM1 had its autoloader upgraded, didnt really research it much, but in case it does it means it should get 3BM60.

No, it didn’t have an improved autoloader and could only use the 3bm46. So this machine can’t be above the t-80bmv

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Then T80UA can be added, it has Shtora too, but lacks other measures this one has while having Improved autoloader and 2A46M-4 gun. T80U with Shtora,laser warning system and best APDSFS rounds avaible for 2A46M-4 gun (no 3BM59 in game still but whatever). Not much changes but in need to add something to 8th rank maybe it could do.
image001 (1)

You don’t quite get it, but the T-80UE (Or UA) can’t be rank 8, it’s worse than the BVM in every way.

Rank 8 is only object 640, T-14. It is also possible BVM will become rank 8 when decompression, and between it and T-80U will appear just T-80UE\UA.

I think sooner or later the BVM will become higher in level, or the T-80U lower in level (unlikely).

Otherwise it is not clear where to add T-80UM-1, T-80UA and other transitional modifications.

Probably T-80UM-1 can take 11.3 since AP system doesn’t play a serious role at this level and is not worth a boost in combat rating, but T-80UE got new turret drives, 2-3 generation thermal imager, new shells and is clearly better than T-80U, but still significantly worse than t-80bvm.

I think BVM is fine on its level and i still stand on this being early rank 8 thing. All BVM is is just adding Relikt, better engine and gun to the BV. U is basically making BV better with adding Kontakt 5 amd much better turret. So coupled with UA version it will be Kontakt 5, better engine, Shtora and LWS, better gun much better turret.
While all improvements BVM brings is Relikt and gun.
10.3 turret with only Relikt attached to it is at 11.7 (armour wise)

The UA is the same 1250 hp engine, the cannon is the same as the bwm.

The only difference is the UA will not have the relic, which is what makes the bvm a strong tank. The K-5 has low side coverage and the upper frontal detail will be penetrated by top nato shells.

The UA has better turret armor, but considering the K-5 will be there and not a relic, it won’t end up being better.

So the UA is no better than the BVM. It’s either “the same” or “worse” when it comes to ERA, which is what makes the BVM strong.

I still think the T-80UE and UA are 1 stage br below the T-80BVM and 1 stage br above the T-80U.

The T-80UM-1 could be 1 level with the T-80U, since the difference between them is basically only in active defense Arena.

I’m glad to see this proposal approved almost unanimously, hope to see this in the next few patches

Уеикальный ли новый прем Абрамс и прем Члененжер???

Considering that the developers started adding premium tanks in 11.3, I believe that the time for T-80UM-1 Bars has come