Madder A1- or Leopard I?

So, with me slowly improving at Ground RB and working up the ranks, I have 2 vehicles left before I can unlock my first rank 5 tank. Now, here is where I’m at a crossroad.

Should I go for the Marder A1- or the Leopard I? I’ve heard good things about both, however, the Marder has ATGM’s which i’d really like to try out but the Leopard has APDS and HEATFS along with the fact I’ve heard people say it’s great.

I will likely get both eventually as I’m doing a 7.3 lineup with the Marder, BMP, Leopard, Kugelblitz, and Weasel but for now I just want to stick with one.

With the recent changes to ATGMs I would go with the leopard first then the Marder A1-.

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Unlock both before you make up a 7.3 lineup. In fact, I’d recommend also getting the BMP-1 or M48A2 as well before moving up. The German 6.7/6.3 lineup has a single tank that works OK in an uptier, so making a 7.3 lineup out of one tank, the Bulldog, and whatever else you think might work is just going to result in a lot of pain. Stick at 6.3/6.7 (Or even 5.7 with the Waffentrager and the later Panthers) until you have a solid lineup unlocked.

Of course, the new BR changes that are proposed are going to shake up that lineup as well, so maybe don’t plan too far ahead.

I’m currently using a lineup I just fully researched today of the Panther A, Panther G, Tiger H1, Ostwind 2, and the Waffen. The jump from 5.3 to 5.7 is a bit larger than expected but i’m still holding on.

I also don’t have 6.3 researched for Germany. Stopped at the Tiger H1 and never went to the 2’s. About to unlock the M41 and that will be my only 6.3.

Also, what br changes are being proposed? Could you perhaps link this because I don’t want to plan out my lineup and sctew it up.

Just in case the br’s of the tanks I want aren’t going to change, my lineup was going to be Marder A1-, Leopard I, BMP, Kugelblitz, and Weasel 1a4. I like to play SPAA so that’s why I have 2 in there.

BR table is available here.

Keep in mind the BR changes are going to buff the Tiger IIs quite heavily by reducing the number of post war tanks they see, so a 6.3/6.7 lineup is probably worth considering. Especially since it unlocks the M48A2, one of the handful of post war tanks not going up in BR.

This simultaneously completely screws up my 7.3 lineup and makes a new lineup for me.

I won’t get be using the Kugel and Weasel, but I don’t really like the Weasel so it’s not a huge downside.

I’ll still get to use the Kugel though, and this opens the door to vehicles such as the Marder 1A3 as well.

Will probably do Leopard I, Marder A1-, Bmp, Marder 1A3, and Kugelblitz.

I have to say, it is REALLY passing me off that they are moving the Gepard up as that’s what I was originally going for an 8.0 lineup but it’s whatever.

Go for the Leo1.
Marder Series are utter garbage in this game. BMP1 is far super superior.

Yeah, I’m going for the Leo 1 first now. It’s getting moved to 8.0 soon and I’d love to spade it before it goes there. I also get efficient progress form the Panther G. It will be affected by the br changes more than the Marder so I’m going to get the Leo 1, then the Marder, BMP, and then the Kugel.