M53/59 BR Increase Needed

6.3 is too low, it’s more effective than any SPAA under 7.3 so it should be 7.0.

The whole point of it was to fill gaps, I don’t think this is necessary.

I still wonder why it gets a full HVAP belt at 6.3 but the Kugel, at 7.0 for some reason, cannot have on, even after all the German HVAP got nerfed.

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Gaijin has a BR tax on any SPAA that can survive being strafed out by machine guns. See also the Skink and Crusader AA Mk II. Any SPAA that can be a credible threat to CAS and cannot be neutralized by a half second machine gun burst needs to be at a drastically higher BR, for some reason.



As for what the OP is asking for, keep in mind that if you send the Praga up too much, it will meet vehicles with lighter armour that it can just tear to shreds. You’d turn it into even more of a tank destroyer than it already is (which I agree is too much).

not an effective anti-aircraft gun to be torn to pieces by supersonic aircraft…
this anti-aircraft gun is placed from 5.3 to 6.no more.

Yet the Praga is infinitely more survivable than a Kugel against everything else, where a Kugel will get one shot as a Panzer IV at 7.0, and the roof is only 10mm anyways so it still gets strafed by most things.

It’s fine as a spaa, the main issue is players abusing it as a td. Spaa is already quite underpowered pre-radar and should not be nerfed or to just worsen the CAS problem many players complain about.