M4A3E2 back to 5.3

Why is penetration relevant for American tanks but not for German tanks?

A German tank is not a Jumbo. Penetration is relevant for every vehicle, so is armor or speed.

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Something in line with SB predetermined lineups but for full BR range and no nation lock? Yes that would be much more enjoyable experience as one could predict what he could expect as oppisiotion.

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The simple fact of the matter is that the tank is grossly over-tiered at 5.7 in RB and completely useless unless it gets down-tiered to 4.7. It cannot pen anything above 5.0 and pretty much everything it faces at 5.3+ will one-shot it from the front.

BR needs to be based on combat effectiveness, not armor alone. Even the 4.7 Churchill is better comparatively to it’s BR.

I will go so far as to say that the real culprit is a flawed matchmaking system and not the tank itself. This is a symptom of the root cause: 1.0 BR spread does not work for all tanks, which is why you have heavy tanks clubbing everything in sight and then completely useless in the next 10 matches when uptiered.


And it is, that is why it is on 5.7, if it was based on armor then it would be lower.

Show me one other tank within 1.0 BR that has a 75mm or smaller cannon and does less than 99mm of penetration at 200m+. It’s packing the same firepower as 3.7 US medium tanks, which are already underwhelming at that BR. “Look how many hits I can take” isn’t a measure of combat effectiveness.

Yet people do good with it. (I do really good with it and it is my personal favourite)

Yes, you do very well in the “M4A3E2 (76) W”, which is 6.3 and I agree about that one. We’re talking about the 75mm one at 5.7 BR.

I’m doing good in Jumbo 75 ;). I have even posted screanshoots of some games in this topic.