M3A3 and BMP-2M at the same BR?

As title states, why are the M3A3 Bradley and BMP-2M at the same BR?

The Bradley is fatter, slower, has less ATGMs, has weaker ATGMs, cannot fire its ATGMs on the move, has to wait for its launcher to deploy, and can only have 2 at the ready compared to the BMP’s 4.

Am I missing something major? I don’t see why on earth these two vehicles should be at the same BR when one is so much better.

Yes, check their nations. ;)


Puma with its mighty 30 mm single fire cannon at 10.0 now^^ Totally deserved I guess…

It just had two pro’s: the ATGM jammer and a armor which was able to tank some heat-fs shells. Now it finally moved into a BR bracket where every tank has APSDSF instead of Heat shells, so the armor becomes more of a burden (weight, spall) than acutally useful. Every ATGM it might encounter is immune to the jammer, so this thing is totally pointless as well.

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Their nations.

Any vehicle with ATGM that isn’t Russian or Chinese should get a BR decrease, their performance is from a different planet now, Russia now has vastly superior ATGMs on top of the ability to shoot on the move, whilst NATO supposedly is stuck 50 years in the past, wonder why.


it’s called cope