M1A2 is way too weak for 11.3

It’s still artificially nerfed and missing its best long rod penetrator, depleated uranium hull, spall liners and the pencil neck that is pennable by a panzer 4.

It should be 11.0 if the T-80UM2 is allowed to be 11.0 which is perfect in every way.

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None of those things, if added, would majorly affect the performance of the M1 aside from the neck armor (I don’t know much about that or how realistic it Is). What I do know is that DU hulls are only on M1A2 SEPV3 and only tested on the SEPV2. Even aside from that, the weak spot of the Abrams is the turret neck which is where everybody aims anyway so hull armor won’t help.

As for firepower, the Abrams has arguably the best firepower at top tier aside from the Type 10, 5.0 second reload and M829A2, while being a bit lower in pen, is functionally equivalent to DM53. The difference is more than made up for with the reload.

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