M1A1s should not get 5s reload time

You mean the mantlet that is bigger (and completely unprotected) on the Challenger 2 and Leclerc. The mantlet that is also next to unarmoured on the Ariete. The cheeks of the tank can take a hit, the same is true of the Challenger 2 although it has a much larger breach/mantlet area. The same is not true of the Ariete and Leclerc.

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You are aware that Gaijin lowered the chance for ammo detonation on russian tanks down to 15% right?

is this proven or are u just pulling this out ur ass

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One example, so sit down and stfu: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/blob/master/aces.vromfs.bin_u/gamedata/units/tankmodels/ussr_t_80bvm.blkx

“ammo”: { “combustionTime”: 10.0, “detonateProb”: 0.15, “detonatePortion”: [ 0.6, 0.9 ],


Okay, remove the “artificial chance” [your words not mine] for NATO ammo not detonating.
Nothing is artificial.
Oh no! NATO tanks have a 15% chance of exploding! The horror!

Dude’s just fishing.
It’s been 15% on nearly all tanks for years, especially NATO tanks.

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Huh who would have thought the m1a1hc-m1a2 sepv2 were exactly the same

the same happens to NATO tanks bro ur just coping with ur inability to aim at russian tanks properly


abrams never got spall liner, DU hull for in game abrams where on 5 prototype that were never used in combat, and about abrams being as bad as ariete, I swear im pretty sure you never played ariete once in your entire life, unlike abrams ariete are slow, like REALLY slow, a bit faster than TES but can berelly reach 55 for the PSO so comparing abrams, a tank that is pretty fast, have a good armor, 5 sec reload and a good round to a 60t underpowered tank that misse his actually used by the production model spall liner and composite hull is like saying, yes leo 2A7 is as bad as the challenger. did I mention that ariete can be pen anywhere in the turret by heat round ?

Yes the weak spots are bigger /s


a better comparisons is to say its a better challenger 2

Abram’s has the ERA that’s slightly better
Better Dart
Better Engine
Same reload
bigger ready rack
Blow out panels so less likely to get ammo racked

Now better reload for the Abrams

unless its the 3 TD where Abrams has worse dart but better reload

you also forgot to mention that unlike abrams challenger have only a few ready round and the rest is in the hull meaning that a one shot is super easy on a challenger when there is a chance that you don’t one shot an abrams. 5 ready round for the challenger, 18 for the abrams meaning that not only abrams are faster, have a better round but unlike challenger you can actually shoot 18 round at 5 sec when with the challenger the 6th round will be painfully sluggish to reload.

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Even though the Challenger 2 is the same IRL. We have no idea where they get the 6 round ready rack from

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probably where they got the 60t air armor for the ariete lol

So are you guys looking for realism or a game where every tank is just equal? If it is realism, then you have to accept the differences between vehicles and the subsequent imbalance. If its equality then you have to accept creative license and forget all about the whole BR problem which negates equality there and then.

So what is it? I hear the term "Real life " then when you guys get real life you can’t take.

OP “M1 has 5 second reload Boo Hoo!” Yeah it does and then what?

im not searching realisme the issue right here is that abrams is playable, ariete isn’t. you are trying to get a good tank to a meta tank, im trying to make an unplayable tank playable. plus if you wan’t realisme I challenge you to reload 18 round at a 5 sec per round rate in a moving tank.

Upper glacis can’t be always penned by soviet tanks, due to the lower elevation of the gun

USA win rate 35-40%. 5 seconds are justified

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