M1A1s should not get 5s reload time

Gaijin doesn’t realize that they have created so many monsters at 11.0-11.3, M1A1 and M1A1HC/AIM are good enough, especially when they are down tier when other nations only have Leopard 2 PL with DM43 or Challenger 2.


M1A1 going against 10.0s with M829A1 and 5s reload is absolutely nuts.


In reality 5 seconds is the expected reload time for a loader of an M1. You guys wanted realism.


I’m fine with realistic values as long as it’s compensated by BR.
But the problem is, M1A1 didn’t need any help at 11.0 and getting 1+ second faster reload for free might not be good for that BR range.


I get that totally, but the posse are begging for DU everywhere on the M1and the way the M1 crowd are going the thing will have a 15 BR of its own soon.

The fact that Russia can even sit in the same BR as the US is fantasy is it not? Hard to know where the game is in terms of realism. If the M1 or any model is factually and faithfully recreated, then the realistic firing rate should be too.


Honestly confused by people who think that the Abrams is even viable. I mean it’s pretty much just a Leclerc or Ariete that’s bigger, that’s how bad its weakspots are (no hate to Italy or France, it’s just that y’all know how bad Gaijin is making our [respective nations’] tanks).

A 5 second reload does very little to make the Abrams viable, and honestly I think trying to change it back to 6 seconds is just wasted effort that could be better spent trying to get Gaijin to fix much more impactful problems like missing armor, spall liners, weird af volumetric crap, etc.


If US 11.3 plays like my Soviet 11.3 experience then it’s just getting crapped on by 11.7 Leopards 90% of the time anyways.

Until 11.7 sees some decompression, I don’t think the true strength of the buffs on the M1A1 will be appreciated.

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You want realism? Ok remove the artificial chance for russian ammo not detonating.


Well that’s just the case with every type of ammo.

A lot of things in WT are based on RNG and make little to no sense.


It also the expected reload time of every single top tier manual loader. Including for many nations that are underperforming compared to the US in GRB at the moment. The fact this buff was given to only nation, and not all, says a lot


You want realism add the loader getting tired mechanic + joystick like aiming so you cannot aim for weakspots

It’s infinitely better in every way than a Challenger 2 at the same br, I think the Chally 2 is the best illustrator actually because its only advantage was a 5 second reload, now it has nothing over an Abrams.

The Ariete or Leclerc cannot take anything to the turret face, an Abrams can.

There is absolutely no way that you can seriously place it on par with the tanks of minor nations, yes it is worse than the T-80BVM/T-90 and 2A7/122. However it is not on the level of the Leclerc, Ariete and Challenger 2.


I thought the game was Russian biased. Not all tanks have the same reload times. Why would they? The main complaint on here is that the M1 is hard done by compared to Russian tanks. Now we have somebody griping that the M1 has the same reload time it has in reality. It is somewhat confusing reading.

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If reload rates are based upon “reality” then all tanks need a reload rate buff. There is a clip of a Challenger 2 loader, reloading in 3 seconds when the tank is stationary. So does that mean Challenger 2s should have a 3 second reload time?

Up to this point in time. Reload times have been done based upon balance, not realism. So for them to buff the US and not UK, France, Italy, etc. Despite the fact they have some of the worst performing MBTs in the game, says a lot about their priorities. Whilst there is a huge amount soviet bias in this game. There is also a huge amount of “major nation” bias as well. With US and USSR getting buffs (like this one, or in the form of new vehicles) on a regular basis, but a bug or missing feature affecting a “minor nation” taking years to fix.


Which makes little to no sense. RoF changes efficency and BR are based on efficency.

The only time the game runs into balance issues is when a tank can’t be moved up in BR anymore because Gaijin didn’t increase the BR sealing yet.

Because more and more higher BR vehicles get added, one after another, non get realistic RoF unless it works out with the current balance.

A general RoF rework would be very much appreciated for the game.

I’m still dreaming of the day when a 1941 T-34 doesn’t share the same BR as 1943 Pz IV H because the T-34 would take 2 to 3 times longer to reload.
But that happening is as realistic as Gaijin making APHE explode in a realistic fashion.


This underlines everything Gaijin have got wrong with this game. The clinging to this farcical idea of making realistic models and replicating tanks to the exact detail. That in itself leads to expectation of a base realistic loading time or operating times in all areas. Turret traverse or loading times etc.

Reading so many posts on here all relate to that fictional/realism clash and the confusion it brings. One post about the stupidity of a five second reload when in reality its true while another ten posts on the M1 not having the DU where it should have it in reality.
We just have legions of very confused people and to be honest so much of the crap on YouTube in contradictory rubbish as well. Documentaries made by kids with no military experience but good media editing skills.
No wonder the game is such a mess.

What can the Abrams take on the turret face? The mantlet is one of the massive weakspots that the Abrams has on the front.

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The Abrams also has clips of 3 second reloads, so yeah both the Challenger and Abrams should have 3 second reloads if we’re going off of reality.

This is a problem with minor nations but there is no way that the US is getting anywhere near the coddling that the USSR gets. Gaijin treats US more like a minor nation when it comes to balancing than a major nation.


Yep, I do agree with that. You have



Everyone else


When it comes to buffs/coddling

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Israel in the corner, forgotten again. You might have not known that, but it got M109A1 this patch