M1A1 "Click-Bait" should be lowered to 11.0 like "Fuji"

Here’s why M1A1 “Click-Bait” should be lowered to 11.0, or stay at it’s current BR but receive better thermal optics, despite it being historically accurate or not, I feel like I got scammed. It even has worse armor than Typ 90 B “Fuji” (11.0) and it’s still at 11.3.

Nevertheless, Abrams hull armor is trash and you can get 1 tapped easily.

Notice how every premium of the same class has access to 2nd gen thermal

Meanwhile, Typ 90 “Fuji” and Ra’am Sagol are at 11.0 due to having gen 1 thermal optics. The same should happen to the M1A1 “Click-Bait”, I suggest lowering it to 11.0, or keeping it at 11.3 but add gen2 thermal optic to it.

You just buy copy of M1A1 HC. Why Click-Bait must be lower than HC? On 11.0 we have god like M1A1, HC on that BR will be OP.

Every Abram is just a copy paste of it’s predecessor

Fair enough.

dude, you just poked the nest. Soon will come here bunch of low quality players trying to convince you why all abrams should be at 13.0 bc its OP.

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