M163 with live ammo to defend helipads in GRB

I would like to propose helipad defense to be performed by M163 or Machbet with live ammunition.

Reason behind it is that it is just too easy to die to a spawncamping helicopter or airplane - effectively locking one team out of use of helicopters.

M163 is perfect for this role - it has high fire density and short range (~2km), so the slower the target moves, the higher probability it will be downed, which provides protection against camping helicopters and airplanes which target specifically freshly spawned helicopters.

  • I would like enhanced helipad protection - M163 with live ammo looks good
  • I would like enhanced helipad protection - I have other idea (please state in comments)
  • It is good as it is currently - no protection
  • Remove helipad AA as it is not doing anything anyway

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I made an official suggestion in appropriate place: Changes to helipad protection and placement

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If they moved the forward heli pad further back, re-enabling their aa it could work.

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I wish they did that or literally just replaced the AA with M163. I’m sick of spawning in helicopter just to die mere seconds later to a camper. Of course, some would say “spawn on a different helipad”, but:

  1. I don’t always make enough points to spawn second helicopter
  2. I don’t always have second use for a helicopter

In addition to this there should be enemy helicopter marker if they happen to be within 3km from the friendly helipad - making them visible, which would allow for potential reaction if they still decide to camp somewhere near with AA missiles.

Helicopter AA being cosmetic is such a joke, but a low standard we’re used to with this game.

Heli pad just needs to be moved further away so it doesn’t shoot planes just flying over the map, or reduced AA range, which is what the fix should have been instead of this dumb situation.

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Applying this to only helipads seems rather dumb when the actual airfield has shit for AA, you can straight up fly over the damn airfield without a scratch

That is not true. Airfield aa works on my plane, just not on the enemy.

Good idea, but only if they moved that heli pad back. The forward heli pad is only like 3-3.5km from the battlefield. The issue is that if they moved the heli pad more back, the heli players will cry about having to fly further. However, if they give its aa back, it would attack aircraft that are flying over the battle field. I think I even recall once or twice where the heli pad aa ended up killing a light tank/spaa from the spray of it trying to shoot down a scout uav the was over the battle field.

I think it should be the duster as it would be a lot more riskier to camp but wouldn’t be just tick damage

Can you please explain why you think this is a good idea?

It’s enough of a challenge removing helicopters when you’re in a flareless jet with missiles that refuse to lock on. You want actual spawn protection for your helicopter when Ground players don’t get any real spawn protection for their tanks?

Actually ground players do get spawn protection. Difference is that helicopter is totaly voulnerable upon spawn, which is abused by other helicopter players who simply camp at our helipad to instantly annihilate whoever spawns.
Tanks on the other hand get a few seconds of invoulnerability where they simply cannot be damaged or destoyed.

Now regarding destroying helicopters - it’s quite easy with the guns during mixed battles, but nightmare during squadron battles. I always fly up with guns, most helicopter players don’t even watch for jets, but instead sit in gunners sight all the time. In higher BR battles I also recommend spawning something with either proxy fuzes or F&F missiles (2S38, QN506, Begleitpanzer or anything of that kind), as it will usually grant you a helicopter kill at the start of the match ;)

Now, I made a more detailed description of my idea in proper place for suggestions, you may want to read that one ;)

Ground players do not get AA spawn protection. You get 20 seconds (if you remain still) or 20 meters worth if you move. Otherwise, the spawn can be bombed freely.