M109 mobile artillery

War Thunder has listed the M109 as a tank destroyer. When are they going to get things right in this game why can’t we use them for mobile artillery the way they’re meant to be instead of their not? I know it’s the mechanics of the game that are not right you tell me.

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“Tank destroyer” in warthunder is a blanket term for self propelled guns, assault guns, and true tank destroyers, as well as certain light tanks and atgm carriers


And now we know one of the reasons that the mechanics of this game is all messed up. Because a tank destroyer is not! An M109 mobile artillery piece, and it should be used as an artillery piece yeah you can kill tanks only if the round comes down on top of the tank because they didn’t put any armor-piercing rounds in the M109 the rounds they put in the M 109 have only 61mm of penetrating power except for Russian mobile artillery in which you have the 2S3 mobile artillery peace and it has an armor piercing round in it of 250mm and the 2S1 has a HE-VT round at 400mm armor penetration so you tell me that this game isn’t one-sided to the Russian tanks mobile artillery rounds rain down from the sky not line of site if War Thunder can’t get it right don’t put it in the game end of story!!!

It’s a title. It does not affect actual vehicles.


You say it doesn’t affect the actual vehicles you sure don’t know much about military vehicles do you artillery pieces stay to the rear of the fighting they don’t go running up to the battle they support the tanks and infantry on the ground by long-range and shell the area of attack and anyway tank destroyers are as follows ASU-57 all the way down the Russian line too object-268 and in the German tree you have the Marder-III all the way down the tree to the Weasel -1A2 even in the French Tree you have the AMX-10 and -50 that are true tank destroyers and here’s another point of interest the M109 don’t have a lot of armor to go into a tank battle there’s thin skin show you can’t say it doesn’t affect the actual vehicles when they’re not Tank destroyers look if you’re going to put something in the game make it work like it’s supposed to work and not some make-believe BS do you get my drift are do you understand that? The next thing you know War Thunder is going to put an airplane on the ground and call it a tank destroyer Lol

The thing is warthunder isn’t like real life. There is no certain roles for specific vehicles. It completely depends on the user. You can’t really compare Warthunder to real life.

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It’s a title not real life get over it,


And the M109 is one hell of a great Tank Destroyer! That thing is ridiculously over power at the moment.
I don’t actully like to play tank destroyers, but that thing is soooo much fun.

There’s only one thing no this isn’t real life but it’s supposed to be realistic or can you even read in realistic mode is supposed to be realistic not arcade BS and two even World of Tanks the artillery pieces are used for artillery not tank destroyers so you wanna get technical with me on oh this is just a game well I know it’s a game but if you’re gonna put something in the game let it be played like it’s supposed to be played and not like oh so tank destroyer because it’s not so get over it your oh it’s only a game in War Thunder mechanics suck and that’s the whole point that I’m trying to make here if you don’t like it don’t read it but it’s the God’s honest truth if you’re going to put some piece of equipment in a game then you should be able to play it as such and not what it’s not End the story

How would they change it so that the m109 could be played as arty? I guess they could make maps that are like 30kmX30km but i doubt people would even play it is arty when they can just direct fire. Maybe some squads could do it as they would have someone to properly scout and give ranges/corrections.

There’s a difference between realistic and simulation. Realistic≠Simulation. If this was a simulation then yes it would be serving in the artillery piece however this isn’t the case since its a simulation in 1 aspect They are all real vehicles or based on real vehicles. Hence its realistic

They would play it the same way they do in World of Tanks and they played artillery all the time in World of Tanks

So they get a bird’s eye view of the map?

You can shell overhead with low velocity rounds already.

You’re not going to be able to use artillery as artillery in Gaijin’s maps. They’re too small.

Last I recall Artillery in WOT is still a massive issue that their community hates. So no Gaijin gonna add a system that allows you to see where you aiming. At best you gonna have access to the normal artillery feature which would allow you to mark positions to lob artillery. Blindly depending on the person requesting it and even then you probably will need to get closer to the battlefield for a better range of effect.

To add more clarity on what I mean is that when you mark a position with the artillery feature but you are using an artillery piece you will simply be given the barring and elevation needed to use it for that. Aside from that I’m certain there has been many times in history where Artillery pieces, assault guns were forced into a direct fire engagement.

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Any feature that kills players with little to no counter is a negative feature

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My best with the M109A1 is 12 kills…admittedly two were planes, but that’s still a lot of tanks destroyed. The title in the game doesn’t matter, and there are many vehicles that don’t really match their title/descriptor.

Also, ever heard of punctuation? Look up how to use it, please.

And you don’t see any problem giving one player modern spy satellite to track enemy team? Yeah lets give one class ability nuke enemy players and give it ability to track whole enemy team.
Scout drone is already strong for squads and now you want to give pretty much better version of that to artillery pieces?

I don’t care how they are used in real life. They’re fun to use as direct fire tank destroyers. And that is all that matters.

And please no WoT style artillery in this game. That’s just terrible.

Oh how I miss dismantling top guns with my arty. Never going to happen here these guys would have kittens if they added true arty to this game. My experience around these m109’s is I get killed by them all the time, good td.

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