M108 Self-Propelled Howitzer

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M108 Self-Propelled Howitzer




The M108 was introduced in 1962 to replace the problematic M52 self-propelled howitzer. It was derived from the T195 self-propelled gun testbed, which was later further developed into the 155 mm T196 six months later.

The purpose of the M108 was to serve as the short-range component of a new generation of self-propelled artillery in the US Army. It was part of a lineup that included the 155 mm M109, the 203 mm M110, and the 175 mm M107. While not as impressive as the M109, the M108 filled a significant gap in range between the minimum range of 155 mm self-propelled artillery and 120 mm mortar carriers.

From the 1970s onwards, the ROCA acquired a total of 117 M108 Self Propelled Howitzers, which were then deployed in the Armored Artillery Battalions of the ROCA. However, in 1982, the ROCA recognized the limitations in terms of firepower and range of the M108, leading them to place orders for the more advanced M109 Self Propelled Howitzers. Fast forward to 1999, the retirement process for the M108 was initiated and by 2003, the last M108 had been officially decommissioned.

Technical Data


Crew -5

Total Weight - 22,452 kg

Length - 6.114m

Width - 3.295 m

Height - 3.155 m

Ground Clearance - 0.451 m

Ground Pressure - 0.69kg/cm²

Powerplant - General Motors 8V71T 8 Cylinder Supercharged Diesel Engine (313 kW at 2,300 rpm)

Transmission - Allison XTG-411-2A (+4 - 2)

Max Road Speed - 56 km/h

Max Grade - 60°

Tracks - T136

Suspension Type - Torsion

Range - 350 km

Turret Ring Diameter - 2.5 m


Vehicle Assembly - Welded

Armor Composition - Rolled 5083 Aluminum Alloy

Hull UFP - 31.8mm

Hull LFP - 31.8mm

Hull Sides - 31.8mm

Hull Rear - 31.8mm

Hull Roof - 31.8mm

Hull Floor - 31.8mm

Turret Front - 31.8mm

Turret Sides - 31.8mm

Turret Rear - 31.8mm

Turret Roof - 31.8mm

Fire Control and Armament

Main Armament - M103 105mm Howitzer

Shell Type - M1, M444, and M413 HE. M327 HEP-T. M60, M84 Smoke

Ammunition Count - 86 Rounds (16 Ready Rack)

Gunner Sight - M117 Panoramic Telescope

Main Armament Horizontal Reverse - 360 (Manual)

Main Armament Vertical Traverse - +75 -6 (Manual)

Secondary Armament - 12.7mm M2HB

Flexible Mount

360 Degree Rotation










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Army Guide

105mm SPH M108

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Easy +1. Would be a nice addition for multiple nations.

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Asian endowment joke goes here.



105mm howitzer?


I agree, the gun might be a bit small if it can’t deal damage to tanks. Even for 155mm shells there are tanks hard to kill, so I am a bit worried about a 105mm round’s perfomrance. If it however receives AT armament that is capable to pen at least 100mm armor, then yes!

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It can fire the same rounds as the M4A3 (105) + HESH. It can also technically fire a HEATFS round if needed for balance with 400mm of pen.

If this is the case, then it will be a nice addition to the game and a nice change in gameplay from M109 Howitzers, since you don’t rely on a big boom anymore, but rather on carefully aimed shots with HEAT rounds.

The 105mm gun seems decent if it gets the HESH round. The round has ~3,45 kg of Comp A, which has a TNTe of ~4.96 kg. The 105mm caliber would give the round the same 127mm of pen as other 105mm guns, since HESH pen is based on caliber.

Overall, definitely usable. +1

Cool idea, but I don’t want anymore HE slingers as they are very hard to balance.

Okay to be fair-

BESH HESH sucks.

For now. We’ll have to see if they fix it.

Gonna post a lemon meme later.

And there you go