Luftwaffe MiG-21bis

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It’s the same BR as all the rest of the MiG-21bis’s. It’s not great but just a victim of compression, nothing to be done.


They should at least buff it cuz ur paying $60 USD or £45 which is lucky, gladly i bought it for $35



That’s why it (and everything else) is soooooo expensive

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Holy cope. Holiest cope even lmao.

So the Super-sonic, high maneuvability Mig-21 with 6x All-aspect missiles is 10.7 Material. Then what BR do you place the Sub-sonic, Sea Harrier FRS1 with 4x All-aspect missiles already at 10.7? Does it get to move down to 10.3?

Its probably under BRed at 11.0 already


No, no “buffing”. There’s what will ruin this game. You can get buffs in LoL if you want.

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