Luft 46 in War Thunder

I want to ask a question what is the current community statement of adding, in moderate quantaties, German aircraft known as Luft 46 planes. That is planes that were either wooden models or paper projects. And what I mean by modereate quantaties is only projects that were in higher consideration or study.

Personally I was always enchanted by plastic models made by Revell that depicted such planes. Especially Blohm & Voss BV P 194, Arado E 555, Focke Wulf Flitzer or Messerschmitt Me P 1099. I would love to fly them in pretty much my favourite game and since War thunder quite some time stopped being purely historical game and more a military machines games I don’t see an issue with that. Also in majority of cases those planes would use engines and guns that trully existed.

So I ask you a question. Would you like to see at least a few of such planes? Most likely as event vehicles or premiums. I’m pretty sure that adding such interesting machines will make aviation history fans happy.


Definitely against, especially since post-war planes fill in the gameplay gap in any case.


I’d say rather not. the guns, engines and the like might’ve all been built and tested, but atleast in the case of paper projects, there’s probably not even wind tunnel testing data of scale models.

All of them are atleast visually interesting designs, but with those we’d go into a similar area where the R2Y2’s currently sit (as they are confirmed to be removed in the future and replaced with something else) due to being more or less just based off some drawings.

Here’s some offical stuff from Gaijin regarding such stuff:

Well WT is a huge game and sooner or later I think there will be a moment when you will have to make a decision how to expand. Cuz I think there will be more players wanting something unique rather than few people wanting 15th modification of plane/tanks X.

One other thing that I would ultra support would be separate game with Luft 46 scenario. That would be ultra cool.

War Thunder is expanding into modernity, there’s no need for it to expand into fiction.

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Not everyone plays that. I’m from times when WT was max Korean war and WT was considered WWII game. So everything is possible nowdays.

I’ve been playing the game since then as well. If they weren’t going to bring in those fantasy vehicles then, they’re definitely not going to do it now.

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An event using some of these planes could be fun, but i doubt they would ever come into the main game. Some contenders like the P.1101 and ju 287 would still probably work in game but the vast majority have to little technical information to work really.

I love crazy German designs. At least let us have this: Ruhrstahl X-4 - Wikipedia
Tested but never used in combat. Never tested on the Me262 but did plan to. Guess that also goes for some stuff on the Yak-141.
At least put it on an event FW-190 or something where it was actually tested.
AA-20 Nord’s are M1.7 with 8km range and these would be M0.7 with 3.5km range. Reduce the manoeuvrability a bit, lower the acoustic proximity fuse distance a bit too and it’ll just be a meme weapon for head-on or bomber kills you otherwise would’ve made with your minengeschoss.


I am all for it!

All this neurotic “historical accurracy” is so hypocritical and exhausting imho.


Well, historically accurate plans of wacky German designs ahould matter. Artisitic liberty only to fill the gaps.


I don’t think we’ll ever see Luft46 in War Thunder sadly. But the Me 262 HGI and Me P.1101 should already be in the game. We have the Flight data of the Me 262 HGI so it won’t be a problem and we even have pictures.
The Me 262 HGI wouldn’t give much more to offer compared to the C varient of the 262 we already have ingame.
On the other hand, The Me P.1101 was around 85% complete when it was captured and i believe it even flew although not on his own power. The P.1101 would obviously be much better than the 262s and its flight data wouldn’t be hard to get. We could even get it based on the American copy, the X-5 which used a different engine but same airframe. I honestly have no idea why the P.1101 isn’t already in the game.

They planned to bring in the Ta-183 and some others back then, I think the P.1101 was also among them and the Ho-229 even made it into the game even though it was never finished.

Any chance of Alternate history and napkinwaffe died with War Thunder expanding into composite and missiles.

When should they be removed?

I don’t think they’ve given a defined date when they’re gonna be removed, only that they’ll be removed once they’ve developed suitable replacements.

When was the Ta-183 planned? Was it on the original planned German air tree? The most exotic plane I remember from there was the Me-262 HG III.

Oh please snail, gib

Exactly, it was on the tree from 2012.


That’s the only image i could find