Lower BRs for R2Y2 variants


I know that R2Y2s are a sensitive topic on War Thunder, but with their last “balance” changes they both got the Fighter class - which removes their ability to spawn in air - and got uptiered to 8.0 in Realistic Battles, despite their overall flight and combat capabilities. These changes got these planes in a nasty situation where they have to compete against Mig-15s, Mig-17, Sabres and other jets around 8.7 - 9.0 a lot of time.

Performance-wise, it is not too different from a Me.262, Su-9 or Mig-9, so I don’t understand why it got it’s BR raised up so high (please take into account that the plane is almost fully spaded in this screenshot, it lacks only the Fuselage and Cannons modifications):

I would recommend this jet to go back to 7.3 - 7.7 area for the next Balance update, especially since it is now classed as Fighter and no longer gets a spawn advantage. They were never too high of a presence in the War Thunder matchmaking and nowadays - due to their high BRs - are even rarer than before.


7.7 sure but those 30mms are cracked rn and so is this planes turning ability while not being that slow. It definitely shouldn’t be 8.0 tho

Gaijin removed its air spawn, so it should be 7.3 or 7.0( consider about SU11 in 7.3 LOL)


They lost their airspawn when they were 7.3, they were no longer forced to bring bombs too.
They went from 7.3 to 8.0 with airfield spawning only.

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Because nobody wants to play it, then the data keeps staying at a high level, there are many cases, and R2Y2 is one of them.


I don’t think vehicles that are known cases of being at incorrect BRs (Su-11) should justify an argument for <7.3.

They generally seem to have done fine at 7.7 and while 7.3 could work I think we could see a lowering to 7.7 first before seeing how it goes.

I played them a lot at 7.7 and they were pretty pathetic even at that BR, all three of them. they lost in every single way except turn rate to everything at their BR and even stuff below them. and sure their turn rate is good but they also drain energy that they struggle to recover, which severely limits their performance. in GRB it was workable due to the generally low altitudes and concentrated fighting area, but in ARB they got completely swallowed up by literally everything they faced as they were just too slow and could not hold the energy required to compete.

I definitely felt that they should have not been higher than 7.3 while playing them at 7.7, I was flabbergasted at gaijin thinking that they needed to be at 8.0 and for me they have been nothing but hanger decorations ever since.


To be honest, if I compare R2Y2s to dogfight-capable jets like P-80 Shootingstar, the Meteors, the Vampire or the Ho.229 it will always lose to these aircraft if they’re used by the right people. And yes, it takes a lot of time to regain the speed and climb rate to get out of the vulnerable zones.

Where R2Y2 shines (like Me.262, Su-9/11 and Mig-9) is forcing head-ons, due to the 30mm autocannons - and even then you risk to trade the kill or to be shot first due to slow traveling shots.

When there are far more aircraft to play, finding time to play an old one is hard.
It’s been fine at 8.0 for me.
People dogfight it cause they think they can win I guess.

R2Y2’s really need their airspawns back. Especially with how power-crept they currently are. Gaijin should have never listened to the complainers who got them removed…

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Now that they’ve nerfed the 30mm tracer belts as well, there is absolutely no reason these should be at 8.0.

7.3 maximum.

Having just played the R2Y2 V1
Is just absurd facing jets that can have missiles and can reach 1100 kph (sea level) when you can only reach 800 kph (in a dive).

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Last time I played the R2Y2 they were 6.7… since then they’ve been nerfed heavily and lost their airspawn and somehow increased by 1.3 BRs, love to see it.

Definity does not belon in 8.0…so I agree to lowering their Br to 7.7 at most. I suggest the V1 at 7.3 and the other 2 at 7.7. It can win in turn fights, but once these jets lose their speed as yall said, it will have a hard time getting that back unless there is no one near to let you fly in a straight line for a long period of time which hardly happens. Everyone wants a kill so will chase down the slow jets lol The air spawn it had back then is what allowed it to be an affective jet fighter, had plenty of altitude for recovering its speed. (Rip B-29s and Tu-4s). They the ones that suffered the most to these.