Low xp/sp for killing planes

Not sure when this nerf happened. I am a CAP (combat air patrol) player in ground rb. Before some recent updates, killing planes gave a lot of xp/sp. Pretty discouraging when i shoot down 3 to 5 planes and only get 150 sp/xp for all of it. From 25 to 30 per kill. When tanks get 100 up to 250 per kill. I usally play at the 6.7 br bracket range and my planes on avg are br 4.0 to 5.7 .

Im literally forced into play cap in the inferior air rb matches to progess at a decent rate. However air rb has a plethora of issues like enemy air being spotted like in arcade mode. Ground rb provides more opportunities to hunt down my enemy by physically looking for them without the stupid training wheels.

However i havent tried shooting down planes in a spaa in ages not sure its the same with them. Along those lines i absolutely dont want to play as a cas player. I see no enjoyment in it unless there is a tank i know my team cant handle easily (i look at the board and see what my team is playing to make that judgement). When i see a plane i drop everything i got somewhere and go have fun hunting planes.

I hope this was a little error on gaijin’s side. I know they got a lot on their plate with the rest of the community.

Has anyone else noticed this?


The amount of rewards given in GRB and ARB are different because of the respawns. ARB gets more rewards because there are no respawns, so there are less chances to earn high levels of rewards because of high kill counts. GRB has many more chances for kills because of the respawns so they do not give as many rewards.

I think you flew over what i said completely
This image is what i meant.


Ohhhh, the problem here is that you didnt mention the correct terminology. You should have said SCORE and not XP/RP.