Low Thunder also known as top tier realistic air

So top tier air battles have turned into Lawnmower Simulator any plans on making SARH missiles punish players that only fly straight and low and lets also talk Flare resistance some missiles like say Magic 2 and Aim-9L had this but nowadays seem to be as flare hungry as an R-60…also missiles changing targets to track somebody else’s missile is getting dumb when it happens 100% of time im trying to save teammate and all my shots target opponents missile its kinda overboard lol

People be dumping more flares nowadays especially cause of the pythons. Also why you struggling to lock low targets, f14b radar has no problem tracking targets above tree top. My ERs typically hit their target even low ones from 20-30km even sometimes 40km. Phoenix has more range too but players don’t know how to use em properly, they fire em too low n slow.

Can you rewrite this please? I find it extremely hard to read…

I believe his post is too complain about 9ls eating up flares more often and also about majority of planes in air rb flying low to the ground, I.e. tree top level <100m height.