Low quality graphics. I can not believe this is still a thing in WT, it is 2024

Talking about 3th person view. This is absolute BS from GJ, it hsould be fixed years ago, and still it has not. When you play on low graphics it gives you huge advantage against players who do not. Mostly on big maps.
The game does not render rocks , etc but it renders palyer behind the rock and on 800m what is absolute unfair. Imagine 2000m, he can see only players no enviroment.

LQGS : 1 . Should limit the player, either he will play only city maps, and small maps, he will not be allowed to play on big open maps.
2. He will get fog of war, which will not render him players. To find player, he will have to use binoculars, optics, etc.

One of this option until gajin fix this BS, and players will not render sooner then enviroment, obstacles, etc. This si basicaly a wall hack, but this one is inveneted by Gaijin. it is 2024 and Gaijin code working like codes of other games 20 years ago.

closer look


Come on ,how would russian player get kill if not for ULQ.


Yes, i also think this should be addressed.

Don’t give Gaijin another excuse to force more people into Russian-doctrine CQC battles.

That is unnecessarily racist.
In this day and age there are alot of computers that cannot run high to medium graphics settings without crashing out and advocating for the removal of ULQ is a very dumb idea.

Inb4 it closed

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sigh ive explained this before

Gaijn (Quite reasonably), wants to make the game as accessible to people as possible.

Hell, the only reason I am even able to play is because of ULQ- now tell me, why would Gaijn decide to just randomly penalize a portion of its playerbase that need ULQ to run?

and in some cases, its even a disadvantage playing on ULQ because of how bad everything low quality blends together.

Even in the OP’s post, he had to substantially zoom in to see those two tanks which normally he wouldn’t have easily noticed

Can confirm. It also doesnt make sense to balance the whole game off RB- they are the minority.

One way or another we should not have a ‘cheat’ setting with build in wall hacks.

And why is everything being locked?

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You mean as a game that is trying its very best to be optimized because the devs know people dont have infinite hardware?