Low populations at certain BRs (7.0 - 9.0)


Will AI ever be added to help supplement the lack of players at BRs 7.0 - 9.0? It genuinely feels like Gaijin is trying to force people into buying premiums in minor nations just to avoid the dead BR gap in simulator battles. I’ve been stuck at rank 5 for France for ages because matches are so rare and the only premium option is the Mirage F1C-200, which is at a less than ideal battle rating of 11.0 where it faces F-15s, Su-27s and F-16s for half of its rotations.

I wish they’d realise that fixing up the game will contribute a lot more to long term profit rather than trying to milk the game dry before it dies…


It’s funny how many game devs fail to realize long term profits are better than short term money grabs. Let’s think about the long run for a change, Gaijin. It’s getting old and pushing players away, new and old alike. We really need feedback to actually be considered and not just posted about when you “take it into account”.
ETA: Schindi, we don’t want another bullshit response. We want an actual acknowledgement, and we want actual results. Enough is enough.


Can we also get a proper update and acknowledgement on this thread, which has this exact issue being brought up here at an earlier time?


Old players have already been monetized. New players have not.

Also there is no evidence that the number of old players leaving the game outweighs the number of new players coming to the game.

In fact if that was the case then maybe things would change; but in the mean time there is a significant enough number of people willing to pay $70+ per tech tree just to have an easier time unlocking the planes they actually want to fly.

There’s a major design flaw with this system. People will either shell out the money and play one plane until they hit the one they want, or they’ll leave. Sim has been experiencing the latter issue. Why pay $70 for a single plane when you can look at, say, IL-2 Great Battles that offers 8 planes for the same price, or DCS which offers a much higher use case for the price and far more options for singleplayer, and does not run the risk of being rendered unusable due to a single BR or spawn cost change?

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This is only an issue that effects sim and the dedicated sim population is maybe less than 1 percent of the game. And there are a fair proportion of the sim population that will shell out $100-$200 in order to have whatever new top tier gizmo comes out on the first day.

And at this point I am included in that whale population. I literally pay money to not suffer the inconvenience of playing the game in some cases.

I see your point, but if I may offer my perspective on this one, I, and others, would be more motivated to spend money on the game and reward Gaijin actually improved the game instead of ruining it with each update. While we’re talking about Sim primarily in this thread, there are massive issues across the game within the RB modes. The only reason why many (if not most) people pay for higher rank premiums is because of the cancerous cesspool RB has become, and the cancerous slog that EC8 and EC9 Sim have become.
(Forgive my poorly put together response, I’ve only just got off shift after an uber long day)

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Building on this as well, the reward system. Who in their right mind would spend $70 on a plane where the rewards are capped anyway? “Useful Actions” has to go, nobody likes it and it’s been killing sim’s economy since its introduction, and Gaijin has not bothered to listen to our feedback at all, especially when they axed the sim team. The reason their premiums sell is either because it’s a unique plane, or because it’s rank 7 and will help them skip the grind and get stuff they actually want.

We’re small, yes, but most of us have been with the game for years. I’ve been here since 2015 on my old steam account (and no, I don’t have access to it Gaijin) and I’ve been a sim player since around 2019 when I first looked into it.

When Useful Actions came in I remember a lot of people left for IL-2 since it was effecting even props, and let’s not forget Gaijin’s refusal to ditch the spawn cost system since apparently that would “ruin the economy” of sim in ways that they have never clearly explained to us.

It’s genuinely sad to watch a game mode that so many people love take a nose dive with no sign of pulling up, just because some greedy developers want to make a quick buck on a dying game instead of making a game that people will want to spend money on and not feel bad for.

Oh boy do I have some bad news for you.



This is a slideshow from some electronics payment company and is a form of market research.

There are two important things to notice in the slides that relate to War Thunder.

1.) Satisfaction with the free to play experience is a primary reason that non-monetized players are not monetized.

2.) Some of the most popular methods of monetization are power-ups and timesavers. Guess what? War Thunders whole monetization scheme is basically centered around those two things.

I just want to ask, are you a sim player at all? Are you familiar with the way the battle ratings work in sim in that if a premium plane, like the F-4S for example, is at 11.3, it will only be fighting top tier for 6 out of 8 days in the rotation? That doesn’t sound like satisfaction to me.

It may work for RB as a quick way to bomb and jump into the next match, but for sim, this system is nowhere near the same because of stupid little changes like the battle rating system determining entirely what a plane will have to deal with, in this case a jet armed with 9Hs and 7Fs, brick-like flight performance and limited technology is fighting R-27ERs, R-73s and jets that can rate-fight around it all day.

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I have more time in sim than you do.

Premium planes are just time savers that players use to get to play the things that they want. In some cases they are also power-ups but not always.

NO. Ai isn’t gonna help its only gonna show us that the WT population isn’t as big as Gaijin claims.

Weird chart since it seems like the answers was asked with multiple available answers.

What part of % do not spend money because they’re satisfied AND also don’t have enough spare money? How many don’t think it will make the game more fun and also are satisfied? How many want to spend money on other things?

Gaijin already knows the sim population is small, that’s why they’re ignoring us…

Imo a premium plane needs to both be fun to play and at a decent enough BR to qualify as a time saver, otherwise it’s a waste of money.

Anyway we’ve gone wildly off topic, my original point was dead BRs. Grinding aside, I feel like playing early jets sometimes but I can’t since there’s no population and Gaijin’s servers won’t start for me very often.

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