Low Kugelblitz battlerating

Why would you want to nerf wiesel?

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It should be 6.7 max! I just up my br from 6.7 with this to 7.0 which is ridiculous!!


Yep the 6.7 German lineup needs a decent spaa as Ostwind ll at 5.3 can’t take down a plane unless it lands on top of it! So you upgrade to kugelblitz and then get your BR upped to 7.0 facing 8.0 tanks that you don’t have a prayer against.


If the wiesel can be a lower br than so can the type 87 rcv p to 7.3, 7.0 for wiesel

I once read that the Kugelblitz had a full AP belt …

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Wish someone can update it and add new ones or more optional vehicles. So far can only practice with German SPAA which is plenty enough to learn but would love more options. Also the only working user mission for me, others no longer work for me.

EDIT: posted this on wrong post lol

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It’s the same reason as to why the AEC AA, Crusader AA Mk. II, and Skink have gone up in BR. Enclosed turrets sadly, apparently just because an SPAA is hard to kill for their intended targets means they have to go up.

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There is a 7.0 lineup. I used it yesterday for example.
King Tiger 2 105mm + Panther II. But you know what I used instead of the Kugelblitz? The Flakpanzer 341 because it’s just a much better SPAA than the pathetic Kugelshitz.
You know what wiped out my King Tiger crew yesterday? The damn Praga SPAA which sists at 6.3 and is about as resiliant to air strikes as the Kugel, but with much better mobility. IDK how that thing is at 6.3 but here we are.

I have a challenge for Gaijin. Name me one German SPAA between 1.0-8.0 that is able to penetrate and destroy King Tiger. Yeah…

Kugel should be 5.3-5.7 without HVAP, or 6.0 as is currently.


Wait until you discover the Italian M42 which has essentially the same guns, but belt fed. They don’t need to reload every 2 seconds. Not to mention the Wirbelwind was also hit with a penetration nerf. So no, currently the Wirbelwind is fine where it sits.

However, for the sake of historical accuracy, Wirbelwind should fire only 2 guns at the same time while the other 2 guns are reloading. It prevented barrel overheating damage and prolonged firing of all 4 guns would have damaged the superstructure because of strong vibrations. This way we could achieve continous fire, just like it was IRL. Then we can maybe talk about raising its BR.


It should have been 6.7 to roll along with Tiger 2s and Ferdinand, can’t expect the Ostwind to take on the SU-11s, who use it to hunt planes anyway.

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Just remove the AP belts or severely limit them in qty like we see on the Gepard and move all SPAA down.

I’m tired of having a bad SPAA options because some ppl abuse it as a meme vehicle and TD.

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Pretty sure ammo isn’t the only reason they’re high. Gaijin don’t want radar any lower than 7.7

Somehow Germany’s vehicles get random nerfs to belts and performance, yet somehow this has never applied to other vehicles to my understanding.
Ho 229 another one that was just completely and utterly nerfed into the ground and to this day has nerfed belts, from a time where it performed well when we didn’t even have radar SPAA in the game yet.

And despite these changes being applied due to circumstances from half a decade ago or more, they never get rectified.

Kugel BR should be lower. Mind all the other SPAAs with comparable or more pen, full HVAP belts and often superior chassis’. Which are more mobile and harder to kill than a Panzer IV one at 7.0^^

Idk man i got a nuke with that thing it’s nerfed but still working


The M42 is even more undertiered. Gaijin has very little consistency when balancing low tier SPAA. Compare the Wirbs and M42 to the Crusader AA at 4.0, TCM-20 at 4.3, or even Skink at 5.3. They’ve got superior firepower including AP penetration, similar mobility, and equivalent of superior survivability except compared to the Skink. Hell, they’re even superior in many ways to the modern 5.7 SPAAs.
Or compare the Wirbs to the Ostwind II. The Wirbs has nearly 4x the fire rate and similar velocity (or superior if you’re insane enough to use HVAP for AA). The Wirble even has comparable penetration!

I can only speculate … I simply don’t want to believe that there is malicious calculation behind it.
Perhaps these vehicles are simply no longer used and the statistics, which were perhaps once too good, are still little changed.
Maybe I should ruin my stats with them so that they finally get a buff.

Every SPAA is undertiered if you take it from a light tank POV.
I take it from a fighter / CAS pilot POV.

  • Overtiered
    For me, the biggest joke of an SPAA are the 2 american 40’s. The M19A1 and M42. Slow fire rate, open top, guns fire out of watck, low velocity shells. Most of the time I just dive for them because I know they won’t hit me. Americans really suffer in the SPAA department. Moving on.

  • Meh
    Kugelshitz. Never really encountered one when it moved up to 7.0 and when I did, it got destroyed shortly after they spawned.
    When it comes to the Skink, I just leave it alone. I’ve never been shot down by one because its guns are low velocity and people didn’t learn how to shoot with it. I also have no guns on the planes I play that could do any damage to it. Crusader gave me more trouble in lower tiers. I guess the Skink could go down in BR, wouldn’t change much.

  • OK
    Wirbelwind or Ostwind is not really a concern, as I simply time my attack when the Wirbelwind is reloading, can’t really do that against M42.
    I attack Ostwind when he is focusing another player, because of its slow turret traverse he cannot switch to me in time and even if he does, it takes long time to correct shots because the fire rate and shells velocity are slow.

  • Good
    It is much much more scary when a simple quad .50 shoots at me with his incendiary lasers of death (which like half the nations in WT already have in TT).

  • Very good
    When I hear R3T20 fire, I try to get a top shot but this SPAA is extremely dangerous if left alone.
    When I hear Ystervark / Borsvark, I deal with it the same way as with Ostwind.

  • Borderline OP
    When I hear those damn Russian BTRZD, Chinese ZSD63/PG87, French TPK6.41 and AMX10P I just don’t venture within 2km of the AO. Nope. Why can’t Germany, USA or Sweden get a fast firing high velocity cannon SPAA just like these?

  • Blatantly OP
    Now when I hear Praga - I call it the Clicker because of it clicking sound - I just stay away completely. I swear these things have guided 30mm shells as I can be flying at 700kmh perpendicular to the AO at 3km distance and these bastards would hit me regardless. It’s impossible to kill in a single run and usually results in gunner being knocked out if even that. Not to mention my German heavy tanks are not safe from it either. It’s to me at midtiers what Pantsir is to me at top tier.

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You somehow being allowed to fly around for a whopping 15 minutes uncontested doesn’t justify it being nerfed 10 years later, that’s 2 kills per 5 minutes or something.

It’s HVAP belt is still 50% trash filler because it was good in 2015, it’s flight performance is atrocious and not sure if the gun spread was ever fixed again.

I am not trying to justify the nerfs if anything i am against it i love this plane and think it should get a rework to it’s flying performance and guns not to mention it should get it’s bombs