LOVE the new changes! (that's sarcasm by the way)

Totally loving the stealth nerfs with this update. You REALLY need to change the name from “Full Change List”, to “Full Non-Stealth Nerf Change List”. Accuracy is everything. Base respawns gone. Good luck killing a base with an A-10. Mach limiter on F-14 bomb drops. That’s fine, should have been on the list though. Just how much else have you nerfed that we don’t know about. Found those in my first 3 matches of the update. Keep up the horrible job!

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Ive not played bomber since uodate yet, is this for all br’s?
That will put hight altitude bombers out

Dont you mean full non-disclouser

only 2 aircraft in the world can drop bombs at mach their fixing a issue that doesn’t needed to be stated

Ive just played city and we had to take off from af.

Its like every patch they make the game harder

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I know it’s true for 10.0 and 12.0. Not sure about lower BR’s. Got one base with my A-10 only because I wasn’t seen until after I dropped the bombs, and I was the last guy left on the team. Luckily all the 105D’s out to bomb bases to grind the Aardvark bit the dust early. Lost the match, but at least I got one of the bases I needed for my Battle Pass task.

I said I was fine with the change. I’m just saying it’s a stealth nerf. Absolutely nothing in the change notes about it.


Bases normally respawn so stop lying. Had game on Golan Heights where two Varks cleared em all,and then two more respawned again.

Uhm some maps spwn quicker than others

Great change (not sarcasm). Hopefully it will curb the amount of zombie basebombers roaming around.

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Thats my lunch your talking about 😆 😆 🤣

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Bases do respawn yes. Before son of atilla it was around 2 minutes respawn, then in sons of atilla they changed it to anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the map (small maps like city and spain had 2 minutes, while bigger maps had like 20 seconds). and now it seems to be atleast 3 minutes if not more for a base respawn.
I have only had 1 game on vietnam where i saw them respawn before the game was over, out of the 15 games i have played today.

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but of course none of this was stated anywhere as far as i know. Not the reduced respawn time in sons of atilla, and not the increased respawn time in this update.

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Another stealth nerf is that in the dev server and in the shooting range video, we were told that the vark would be able to carry 50x750lb bombs. For some reason, they set it so the outer 2 pairs of pylons can only hold 3x750 bombs each instead of 6x750. It doesn’t really make a gameplay difference since the bases won’t respawn anyways but its just kinda weird that they’d nerf the coolest part of the F111. IRL, the F111 most certainly could carry all 50 of those 750lb bombs. IDK why they didn’t give us this

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