Losing game alive

i just lost a game and was still alive, 98% activity! one dickhead in my team crashed and just left me and there was one guy, but game just said there are no more players in our team and finish the game giving them win! inexplicable how you spend so much time and money and still can’t make this game worthwile! look i can’t even upload replay to see it… milion new pathes and game is still shit!

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Just post the server replay link.

U got caught most likely being repairing or rearming. The “inactivity” counter (time being on own af) is not working properly; sometimes you get counted as “inactive” as soon as your wheels touch the runway.

If the search function on the bug report site would work, you would be able to find dozens of “open” bug reports describing this problem.

Same with “Mission decider” reward, from time to time the game refuses to give you the 5.000 SL reward and u have to contact gj support…

i was alive and in the air, not even on the runway yet…

Were you low on tickets?

If this is true, it means your plane was badly damaged and you died in game records. Sometimes you can repair your dead plane by repairing and continue to play. But what matters is that if you ever died once by game logic. Just go to replay of that battle, click to it and check the session results. What does your Deaths tab has? For example, mine was 1 in ground rb but replay results are similar for all modes.

Unlikely, as he says game said “no players on our team left” which happens when everyone died in your team.

Just post the server replay link mate, otherwise nobody can help you…