Looks like players too good to be fun to lose against are becoming an issue

This morning (here in Europe) I’ve been massacrated by players from other continent in roughly half of the games I’ve played. At one point, the other team was spawn camping us at Carpathians within 2 minutes of starting the match, with their best player already having scored 11 kills to zero deaths in realistic ground battle. That with just three players from another continent.

I don’t know other people, but losing against such impossible odds in half your battles is losing its appeal very fast (oh wait: losing with no chance to do other than die has no appeal).

War Thunder is not a game without long standing issues (none is) but this new issue of facing impossible odds agaisnt players who are defitively too good to be fun is draining my will to play.

Maybe the matchmaker should factor whatever elements it factors in a different way, so players who are very good wait a bit longer and are matched against players who are as good as them, rather than be allowed to go on seal clubbing rampages in every other bloody map.


Yet again WOT dilema.

The best solution would be to play in a squad of 4 while using some kind of communicator (discord) and just getting better in the game.


Well, i won’t get any better since my eyesight issues will not improve anytime soon (“is that tank dead or alive?” BOOM HEADSHOT “Oh, it was alive…”), so I would just like to be matched against players who are as bad as myself. If WT no longer has enough bad players I can get a chance against, well, just say it and I’ll look for something else. Was stupid enough to buy 180 premium days and what a miserable experience they’re being, still another 74 days to go…


I mean, for a start carpathians has been known as the instant spawncamp map since the day it came out.

Second, Im really not sure what you want other players or even gaijin to do? Just stop people from being good at the game? How is that fun or fair to those players?.

The real answer is to get better yourself. If your eyesight struggles to tell alive from dead, try sitting in positions where you arent exposed to return fire while you verify, such as below ridgelines with your binoculars peeking out above it, before confirming and then peeking your gun up over it. Just as one example.

You can work out ways that mitigate disadvantages you may have. Its part of learning.


Sounds like you need glasses, dude.


I just want the matchmaker to stop sending me into seal clubbing battles playing the part of the seal. Pit 11 to 0 killers versus other 11 to 0 killers, thank you, specially during PRC prime time.

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And how do you want the game to calculate that? Or do that?

How do you know theres enough of those players playing at any one time at every single BR bracket to make a game with a queue time no worse than before?

What you want is to make the game extremely unfair and punishing to those players for the simple crime of being good, just because you can’t be bothered learning a bit. Its not their fault that you make yourself an easy kill

Play arcade?


But it doesn’t change anything, snail has a “balancing” mechanism for the team, both have a very similar “skill”. It calculates it based on “average relative position in the team” and anyone can check that such a mechanism works, just open a random replay and pull out the parameter for a given mode from each player’s profile, add up and it turns out that both teams are ALWAYS very close to each other.

The element of randomness is there, although I am 100% convinced that there are hidden mechanisms operating in the background that allow for abuses in favor of the company to earn better money. This is not some secret knowledge, many games do this to improve monetization or the player’s experience. I recommend searching the Internet on your own for materials about how game developers improve reception using hidden mechanisms. It will scare you.


The technology exists. It’s called engagement-optimised matchmaking (EOMM). Here is the patent.

It’s used in the industry, of course. Whether Gaijin also uses it, I don’t know, though I’d be honestly curious to find out how it works “under the hood” if that is the case.

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I don’t know if it’s a vision problem; surely there are big differences between players that are put into play, as well as huge differences between tanks of the same BR. it has become a shooter game, nothing like the original. Playing to entertain others is not good. And then there are the bots that pay €60/month to win.

Well, one not-so-hidden mechanism is to ramp up the difficulty if you have an active bonus. As in, welcome to hell if you as much as activate a +15% XP bonus. Your teams will suck worse than average and enemy teams will be far better than average just because of that XP bonus. It’s so noticeable that I won’t even activate +10% anything, they’re just a 20-battles long drive through misery land and the XP you stop earning by being team-nerfed isn’t compensated by that stupid +10%.

PS: also “battle victory” wagers are a well known source of 3-battle long godawful battles… long enough to waste the wager

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You really do need to squad more and put more thought into your lineup and tactics… Just saying.

If you’re doing wagers, full squad always, and always tell the squad what you are going for to get.

If you’re not squading, then don’t expect the team to be anywhere near you.

That is literally confirmation bias lol. Its completely in your head. I cant believe you’d give up all that bonus XP over something that doesnt exist lol


Hard to know for sure either way. We don’t know if War Thunder uses an EOMM. Confirmation bias should also be kept in mind, but the flip side of that coin is that the matchmaking technology required to tamper with this stuff is not outlandish - it exists, and other games use it. So, dunno.

I personally have never noticed much difference with boosters, and a friend of mine once achieved a god mode with 500% booster on… But anecdotes don’t mean much either way 😁

So you are not activating these boosters that are “adjusting” your matchmaking and yet you still suck based on your first post.

I think you are just looking for excuses

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It’s more like playing EU server during China prime time on a weekday is a bad idea. Not that weekends are much different, but it’s not the one-side slaughter you get with less EU/RU players to fill the ranks on both teams.

Oh and yes, I suck. I also happen to pay for this game, and there is quite a difference betwen the one who needs money and the one who needs a passtime. I didn’t left World of Warhips because of my suckiness there (although I am better suit to slower paced games), but because of game development decissions which made WoW unenjoyable. Same as why I barely play naval battles in WT, not enjoying the way it plays because of development decissions.

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iam with Nowomowa. Its frustrating and the opponents are superior so much.
Often i start a game very carefully. You see an opponent but he sees, shot und kills in an second.
Maybe its unreal and maybe cheating, but if its not, this players know the maps better, moving faster, repairing faster, knowing als the weak Points of all the tanks in the game and so on.
But this players are way to good for me.
What can Gaijin do?
Better mixing of the players because if they dont they have no new players soon. its to frustrating.
i think its really simple.

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Yes and this Headshots are unbelievable. i found a Sdkfz. 234, hit first in the Side of the Turret - not a harme. The Players turns his Turret and headshot. iam in a tank German Panzer iV F1 and stand with the front Corner to my Opponent. I think its the best Position for the Armor.
But no! Its frustrating.

Thanks for your post. i totally agree and the number of views shows, that we are not alone.

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