Looking for information on AH-1S

Currently the Japanese AH-1S in the tech tree does not have countermeasures despite the identical premium AH-1S Kisarazu having them. I attempted to make a bug report on this, but it got shut down because logic is apparently not an acceptable source. I also have photos of AH-1S’s with the same IR jammer the AH-1F uses, but I doubt they will be accepted as sources either.

I’m hoping somebody here might have some information on this, as I’ve done some searching on the internet but couldn’t find anything, and I don’t really have the time or resources to do more extensive research. All I could really find was info on the AH-1F, but since it’s slightly different I doubt anything relating to it will be accepted as a source for the AH-1S. I’d appreciate any information on the AH-1S specifically.

The premium model is completely wrong, and yes, among other things, it should be missing flares. However, IRCM AN/ALQ-144 should be present, like its American counterpart.

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