Looking at top tier CAS situation i think it is time for long distance SAM SPAA

Even after recent SAM missile secret buff where the missiles are now less sluggish, the top tier SPAA just cannot compete with top tier CAS. I think it would be nice to see a long range SPAA in game. But small problem is that in “modern” long range are made of 2 component. Launcher and radar it self. I don’t think it would be hard to make/spawn radar behind the battle (like at the distance of first heli pad) and then you would play as the launcher. It wouldnt be that hard to do and I think it would be a good solution to top tier CAS just dominating ground

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Ask Gaijin about that. Before Sky Guardians and the Pantsir introduction and SACLOS missile changes there was a very good back and forth between CAS and SPAA. It was extremely balanced and worked well. Even after the SACLOS changes and the “buffs” it still isn’t good enough. It used to be that if CAS aircraft got anywhere within the enemy nation’s max range they would get swatted out of the air.


SPAA can’t compete at any BR realistically.

CAS is just cancer, and unfair. Look at any skycancer user’s stats, and you will find that they have much better stats with skycancer than with tanks.
Using skycancer takes way less skill than using tanks.

You don’t have to learn weakspots, tank stats, ammo stats, map positions, armor angling, armor usage when you can just bomb them or shoot a missile from several km away.
Even going closer and using cannons, or dropping bombs/using rockets at closer range puts them at much lower risk than using tanks against tanks…

You contradicted your own statement, this is how it was in reality, not a “very good back and forth” rather SPAA would tend to just utterly destroy CAS if they weren’t a very good pilot