Litening auto bombing

When I designate the target with Litening and proceed to automatically release the iron bomb, the bomb always seem to impact a few meters short of target. Any idea how to mitigate that?

guided bombs?


No, unguided (iron) bombs.

Dumb bombs?

You have to click your automatic tracking to auto track with slight control, and set it a little high, if it doesn’t work, it’s broken, lol.

I locked on the target with Litening in IIR, so I figured CCIP computer would put the bomb right down the point, but it always falls a bit (5m, or so) short. Are you talking about mode where I lock the target, but am still able to mess around with the beam (a circle around the lock)?

Yes, also, try setting a CCRP mode, it works a bit better.

It was in CCRP mode. CCIP mode puts the bomb down to the point, but I often can’t see the target in IFR, when Litening can. Looks as if bombing computer’s INS point gets screwed in CCRP.

What altitude are you dropping from, and are your crew skills maxed? I ask these because dumb bombs only have so much accuracy when dropped from higher altitudes because of inherent drift when it they fall, and the Weapon Maintenance crew skill makes this spread less.

All maxed out, from under 500m AGL. Interestingly, the bomb always falls short by, approx. same amount, so it looks as if there’s some kinda offset, which made me wonder if I screwed up something while setting up the attack.

Whats your bomb delay?

Just checking to make sure the bomb isnt just rolling away after hitting the ground

1.5 sec, but if the bomb rolls off, it should detonate far, not short of the target.
Also, bombs dig themeselves on a hit. Eg, when I bombed a ship in test flight, the bomb fell short again, but passed through the water suface and got stuck into ship’s draught and exploded, killing it.

I mean 5 meters isn’t that much. Could just be a slight error in the calculation. Maybe try aiming 5m ahead?