Limited Better Ammunition

Hi. I wonder how the game would feel if people would use more often stock ammunition, because i think 99% of the players once unlocked better ammo starts to use it no matter the price or anything else. So what if there was a limit how many rounds of better ammunition can we take? I think top tier battles could benefit from this as many tanks starts with Heat-FS rounds and then get to unlock some APFSDS rounds that has absolutely insane stats and goes through anything at any angle and makes you forget that you have any armor.

I think having a limit of 5 rounds of better ammunition would be good balance, you could still potentially get a 5 kills with it, but then have to use stock ammo.

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Why? If the vehicles have this ammunation availabe to them and they worked hard to unlock it, they should be able to use it. People should be allowed to use their vehicles to full potential.


Better gameplay, balance?

But is it actually better?

I think vehicles are easier to balance when they perform consistently throughout the entire duration of the match.

Otherwise you’d end up having tanks that perform well for their first 5 shots, then terribly…

If that vehicle ends up going down in BR due to the poor performance of stock ammo, then the first five shots will be even more OP.

Also, ammunition scarcity was only really a thing in WW2 with APCR ammo, due to tungsten shortage. It really wouldn’t make sense to model cold war/modern vehicles by that standard.


Why don’t we just make engines have 50 seconds of run time. Youll have to sit in a position to recharge the engine (balance, better gameplay). Why don’t we just force you to use scope instead of third person view, (better gameplay and balance), why don’t we just force everyone to play simulator and load the shell in their gun by pressing a button continously so the loading time is based on skill…

Not everything is actually better gameplay and balance.


Is it a good balance when everyone is using better ammunition and your armor means nothing and you get killed in matter of seconds?

Russian player wants more heatfs so they can be immune again?


Would it only benefit russian faction?

More so than others, but I don’t see why anyone would want to be stuck with useless shells.


He doesn’t have a single USSR top tier vehicle…

Still doesn’t explain why anyone would want this.

Its not that useless, maybe not as good, but definitely not useless.

And you want worse shells, because?

Yes make it so my tank can use 5 of the rounds that it used then is stuck using a round that it never used
Also this would cause nations that don’t have stock heat to dominate

Ahem, Skill Issue
That is all.

Yeah, you have to learn to not rely on armor and Hold W to rush. You have to learn positioning and when to back off. Dying from a round like that is often because you put yourself in a bad situation. It takes more skill for you to survive against strong rounds than against weak rounds.

I want better gameplay experience.

Horrible idea. You unlock something, you should be able to use it. In top tier, people dont use heatfs because heatfs cant engage most targets.

This sort of sounds like you are trying to go the WoT route with premium ammo. Having the good ammo limited to “provide better gameplay”


And not being able to kill things is a better experience?

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It would work both ways. And stock ammo isnt that trash, it can still kill things.