Limited Better Ammunition

It’s stock ammo because it’s bad, so you get frustrated and give them money to get ammo that works, it’s the typical greedy game design trope where you intentionally make the game worse to try and earn money by selling the solution to a problem that should not exist.

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What i predict from this is that people would just only take 5 rounds of good ammo, use them, then either camp a cap or just J-out.

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No, this would benefit France, Germany, Sweden, and America most.
ERA is one time protection. Composite is permanent.

It’s still a bad idea.

Also nothing greedy about giving us good-enough ammo.

Yeah, I’m sure they went out of their way to take out APFSDS and put it in tier 3 and 4 modules and replace it with heatfs because it improves the game despite everyone telling them not to do it.

As a WWII German main I approve this idea… :D

X to doubt

Rank 1 mod.*
Even stuff like Bhishma have their only APFSDS round as rank 1.
Merkava Mk3 is the only high MBTs without APFSDS in rank 1.

Oh yeah, nowadays, things like the M735 right? Yeah they nerfed those as well.
Also if you’re playing a minor nation, no such luck.

M735 still pens just fine despite its change.
And again, Israel’s the only one with Merkava Mk3.
Every other tech tree has AFPSDS in rank 1.

Italy & Israel even get ammo better than 3BM60 as their stock ammo for rank 8.

Challengers First APFDS is stock

Yeah, pens about as well as APFSDS from decades prior, 350mm to 290mm is not a minor change, meanwhile Russia still gets their 400mm+ APFSDS at rank 1 and their thermals and laser rangefinders are also unlocked faster than in NATO vehicles, a 2A4 has a longer module grind than a T-90M.

Soviet thermals are at rank 4 for T-80s.
All tech trees have 400+ mil pen ammo at rank 1/stock.

I would say a skill issue as you play relying only on armor

BVM gets the rangefinder tier 2, thermals tier 3.
2A7 gets rangefinder tier 4, thermals tier 3.
SepV2 gets rangefinder tier 3, thermals tier 4.

T-90M gets rangefinder tier 2, thermals tier 2.
PSO get rangefinder tier 4, thermals tier 3.
SEP gets rangefinder tier 3, thermals tier 4.

Seems legit.

All tech trees have 400+ mil pen ammo at rank 1/stock.




Why do two SEPs have stock smoke shells ?

Oh wow, the 480mm+ class ammo is rank 3 cause there’s a lack of 400mm penning ammo for them.

Yet a Challenger gets stock 400mm pen APFSDS, then tier l 493mm APFSDS and a tier IV 564mm APFSDS, but Japan can’t get 480mm before tier 3?


Specifically it’s 552mm at 100 meters, DM33 60 degrees.
And it’s fine.
480 HEAT at a BR where you’re mostly seeing downtiers.

Uk never used HEAT rounds so they can’t get one

That doesn’t explain why they can get 490mm APFSDS at tier 1 and Japan cannot.