Limit the number of squadrons per battle

Playing against a full team of organized squadrons is not going to do anything else but take the L.

I was trying to separate a squadron of two do335s from a squadron of two sea furies, but then a squadron of two ju188 (pretty OP, ju288 with forward facing mg151s) started hosing me down after I tried to kill the do335, got a hit, then reversed the incoming sea fury.

They literally whooped our entire team within a minute since the first engagement.

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Yes, coordinated groups are more effective than random players that usually don’t work together. Find people to play with and you too can have the advantage of coordinated teamwork at your disposal.


Again Mantis blaming everything but himself.

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After just finishing several matches in a 4-man Sea-Vixen squad and just steam rolling every match



Why should I be penalized because I play with friends? Limiting the number of squadrons per battle simply makes the queue times longer for those who play with friends.

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We already had the same topic last night, does this replace the CAS topic?

You’re a member of a squadron, why are you of all people complaining about other players teaming up and then, very likely, coordinating via voice chat? That’s actually the purpose of a team game. What are in-game text and voice chat for?

“Boo hoo, chess is so complicated and unfair, I want everyone to have just one king on the board from now on.”

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Perfectly legit. Its why squadrons exist. They are convenient. If anything squads should get matched with each other preferentially.
At least you know when to just:


Are there really people who have the luxury of knowing people they call friends ;-)


Inb4 my man sees TTAAB with VPO n stuff lmao

yes, so teams should organize better, without needing to be in a squad.
Also: Get in a squad.

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When you suggest this people are all guffawing, and proclaim there is no teamwork, but when you do actually call out in match, you actually do find people.

It’s so sad to see people so ignorant to the other 15 people on thier team.