Limit T-80s

It has exactly the right tools for the Scenarios found in WT. its a “right tool for the job” situation.

It’s unique DM means it can shrug off hits that would have been a death sentence to any other heli and fast AGMs make it quite potent and maybe more forgiving to use and whilst it might not be the best in all areas. it certainly isnt bad in any

Still Gaijin is not fair to all country equally… how do they excpect to get info if docs are classified… They should take the most reliable info they could get and accept them and if the tank become too strong they can just nerf it back…

Then you make suggestions of change that isn’t directed at any specific vehicle, but would change how armor is assumed when complete declassified information is unavailable.

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The M1 Abrams was capped at 4 per team not long after it’s introduction, the best Russian MBT at the time was the T-64B (with 3BM22) and Germany only had the Leopard 2K so you can imagine how well it went given the current BR discrepancy… Now add that it was also in BR range of things like the T-10M and T-55.

Strv 122 shared the same reload nerf as the Leopard 2A5/6 some time during Hot Tracks.

Though for some reason unknown to God or man; only the Strv 122B PLSS was nerfed, the 122A was unchanged despite being the same vehicle for all intents and purposes.

I think this is the closest it’s been in 2 years and it’s still not that close. 1st spawning Kamovs, S-13DF rushes and orbital striking MiG-27Ks were not fun. At least other nations caught up (some surpassing) with Russian fixed wing CAS just in time for the Pantsir.

The Vikhr missile is still busted.

I’m an equal opportunities complainer. The M1/IP/FJ4B US megastomp was dumb, the Leopard 2A6 addition was a complete farce and Russia is just silly atm.

We had a sudden influx of Russians on the English speaking forum once because they thought we were being listened to more than the ru forum.

Only thing Gaijin listens to is their spreadsheet
spreadsheet says game is balans
T-80BVM ammo will continue to be inert until morale improves.


lol, this leopards and abram tanks already have too much acceleration in this game, in no way they accelerate this fast in real life same goes with turret rotation speed.



can’t forget this bit of classic british television


By all accounts. What we have in game is no where near right, probably not quite right for most of the NATO tanks.

Which were removed.

Identical to almost all other nations in WT at the time of introduction. All other nations kept progressing well beyond Mig-27K since.

Which can’t kill mach 1 CAS going perpendicular.

No, it really isn’t. It’s an 8km fast TOW with proximity fuse. And I state this fact knowing I faced far more Ka-50s than I ever used it.

Didn’t know 100% ammo rack rate means inert…

They changed the SP cost of heavy rockets.


The closest thing to the MiG-27K upon introduction was the Jaguar GR.1A which had half the effective payload, most other nations at best maybe had something with Bullpups and Nords.


Still funny the Tornado IDS arrived at the same time.

*9.2Km range Tandem Charge Anti-tank Proximity Fused Anti-Aircraft missile while still being one of the fastest. Beam riding is much better than Laser+IOG/Hellfire guidance being functionally immune to spoofing by bush.

I’ve used both, I just laughed going from Hellfires to Atakas with the Mi-35M they were so much more functional (and even caused SAMs to proxy if they got close enough, not close to Vikhr APS but still hilarious). Vikhrs are just dumb, completely unnecessary and cheese.

If it was 100% no one would be complaining about it.


In fact for the Challenger 2. The wiki suggests that ACE + Spaded = 31°/s,120%20mm%20L30A1,31.0,-Ammunition

Wikipedia (not a reliable source I know, but CBA to find a better one at this time of night) suggest 9 seconds for a full rotation, so thats 360/9 = 40°/s

Challenger 2 - Wikipedia.

Whether that is accurate or not I don’t know and would need a lot of research to confirm, but when combined with the lack of regenative steering, issues around neutral turning (should actually be in gear when turning, or something) and issues like this // Issues

Chally 2 has some serious mobility issues that with fixes, would only increase its turn speed.

F-4E, F-5E, the Jags you mentioned, F-4F.

Tandem isn’t simulated in WT at this time.
Beam riding makes it inferior to laser guided munitions.
Laser I can stagger shots 5 - 15 second apart, beam riding it’s one at a time.
There are no alternatives to Vikhrs for Soviets, they’re the only Hellfire equivalent* [still inferior even if players are allegedly more skilled with it] missile.

If people aimed for ammo, it’d be 100% for everyone.

That might be true, if laser guided weren’t a little… buggy at times, But I think its the speed differential that gives the Vikhrs the biggest edge of the hellfire. its about 30% faster (on the stat card) and takes a top down attack profile. So at 8km. A hellfire takes about 37 seconds to reach its target. Vikhrs is about 22 seconds (based upon a quick test in the Ka-50 in test flight) This is a massive advantage. Combine with the fact that the Vikhrs does have that 2ish km extra range, and it certainly has some distinct benefits.

Yes, Vikhr has minor benefits, but the multi-fire benefits of Hellfires makes it particularly dangerous when it finds a spot without direct line of sight to SPAA.
A SPAA will still hit a Ka-50 pilot shortly after or before their Vikhr lands a tank, same as a Hellfire equipped helicopter.

I think its more than a minor benefit when trying to hit something that is moving, like a heli or a tank. But even a “minor” advantage is all you need to win an engagement,.

Firing off multiple Hellfires is a handy trick. But not usable in every scenario.

we’ve also all seen the Ka-50/52s flying with no tails after they were “killed” maybe with better damage models I’d agree on that last point. But where a hit is fatal 90% of the time for say an apache. its more like 60% of the time for the Ka-50/52

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The high optical zoom targeting pod made the 27K far better than any of them. Mavericks wouldn’t get close to parity until the Targeting Pod on the Harrier GR.7.

Not really the point, it’s the absurdity of it.

Beam riding is better due to how guidance loss works, pointing a laser at a bush or smoke will have the same effect as turning it off, a beam riding missile doesn’t lose guidance until it passes past smoke/bush and due to the speed of the missile it will still often hit it’s target anyway. Then there’s how much more reliable these missiles are at engaging air targets as well. And SAM interception.

Ataka is easily competitive against Hellfire just because Beam Riding is so much more reliable, there’s even Khrizantema missiles on the 28NM if you really need the penetration.

It’s harder to miss.

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I do think at this point want to clarify one quick thing. Which one is better is probably relative to the context its being used in. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I just think that the Vikhrs suit the context of WT better, more often. That is why they are superior. Combine with the bugs/issues associated with Hellfires in their current state and laser guided weapons in general. and I think within the context of WT, the beamriders have a clear advantage.

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Just as a quick addon here, Just nailed a Ka-50 with a 120mm shell from a Challenger 2… Crit hit, the Ka-50 pilot barely flinched. Did essentially no damage. Not exclusive to the Ka-50/52 I know… I had the same with other helis in the past. But does seem like the Ka-50/52 more often than not.

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yeah cause you can spawn more than 4 strv122s or leopard 2s lol

It’s much easier, reasonable, achievable and acceptable by simply remove the “magic” of T-80s, which means:
ERA no longer eat shells even shot from 90°;
Lower the autoloader to the historical-accuracy level;
Fuel tank no longer eat up whole shell while not even do any damage to crew;
Adjust ammo detonation possibility same as NATO vehicles like Abrams and Challenger.



Abrams has most of the ammo in the blowout pannel

So what ammo are you reffering to as the T-80s ammo doesnt sit in that