Challenger 2 Game vs Real Life mobility comparison

Credit to /u/SpanishAvenger since this is his video


It’s called regenerative steering and it’s missing from all modern MBTs, not just the Challenger.


I posted this here, because I saw some people against mobility of tanks using argument that videos are on good surface, while this video is clearly refuting it

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Definetly looks like they need to overhaul something, but if Godvana is right, then it could be an issue with more than just the challenger. But would be good to get this fixed at some point

It’s an issue with probably every modern MTB, but Challenger 2 gets it worst due it’s weight.

The least affected are Soviet tanks, since they wouldn’t get as much benefit from regenerative steering, correct me if I’m wrong. (They would still gain though)

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Not a huge amount of surprise there, which nation it affects more than others…

But yeah, the wieght does make sense.

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Regenerative braking is the only thing that needs simulating, and yeah nearly all modern MBTs use it.

best guess it is gonna be the big new feature they will add with ground rank 8

Lack of torque modelling, terrible traction in game, and most of all, lack of regen steering are the causes…


Traction is fine, my only critique is tracks don’t dig into the ground in the simulation.

its really not, tanks slide off small gradients and cant climb hills.


Tanks climb hills just fine for me, up to over 30 degree gradients.

Regen steering should really have been in game for a while now. It’s a big problem that needs rectifying

There is a few indicators it might be coming soon. A couple vehicles now have had their steering type clarified with new code. As clutch brake, why clarify the code unless it’s not the same for all vehicles.

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Soviet tanks that do have regenerative steering would be amongst those that greatly benefit from regenerative steering, nearly as much as the Challengers would. That would mostly be everything up from the T-62/T-55, with only the T-80s being less impacted due to the power of their turbine.

The idea that Gaijin doesn’t model regenerative steering for the sake of helping Soviet tanks is straight off the deep end. Regenerative steering isn’t in game because the representation of ground linkage and powerpacks is ridiculously crude.

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I mean, which Russian mbt’s have regenerative steering?

You mean Soviet, and: T-72, T-80, T-14…

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Presume that includes the T-90’s too.

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Yes; I have a pending suggestion on improving the modelling of powertrains in game.

Dare I say this… Whats the difference these days?