Limit on map bans?

Maybe they should make maps that are actually good

I really hope we can ban at least 5 maps… most of new maps are really suck.


We need reasonable suggestions. That is asking for way too much :P

Most are good.
Mostly the newer maps, but some legacy maps are good as well such as Karelia and Sinai.

And other jokes you can tell yourself.
Older maps are hit or miss. Rhine is great, while Japan and Berlin kinda suck.

The issue is that there are very few actually good maps, while the rest are tolerable to just bad. Another issue is that some maps are spammed a ton, while you don’t get others for weeks.


Berlin is amazing now that I understand the playstyles of all 3 cap points.

Best map ban is Alt-F4

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Most maps in this game have cheeky spawncamping spots. You can fire spawn to spawn on a lot of maps as well, plus just generally bad design.

Yes, those are the few legacy maps that remain.

Likes have no effect on MM. Dislikes are a soft ban: if enough people have the same dislike it’s the same as a ban.

32 people each with a ban and 3 dislikes each, assuming it’s 3 separate dislikes that count the same as a ban, can remove a lot of map options already.

Perhaps, but whilst I can get rid of the map I hate the most, I am still forced to play many maps that I dont perticular enjoy, even quitting a match after getting a perticular map I disliked 3 times in a row.

1 ban by default
1-2 additional bans for Premium
Dislikes to have a heavier influence than they do
maybe even likes need a small influence as well

would not be the end of the world and would be rather nice.

This. So much THIS I can’t take it. I’d love it if it worked like I just thought of and I know I’m not the first person to think of it like this.

Everyone gets 4 map “bans” that work with a very simple chain of of priority
If i’m playing solo, there’s 1 map I don’t ever want to play & 3 maps I want to see less often
If I’m playing with 1 other person there’s 2 maps we don’t ever want to play & 2 maps we like to see less often
And so on untill it caps out at full 4 player squad with 4 banned maps and no less frequent maps.

And for some reason the worst maps get picked the most. Like you get Severesk-13 three times in a row.

give like 20 map ban i’ll thank gaijin with all my heart

How about they make the maps better and lose the map ban and reduce the queue times.


Because math. One single ban per player already means potentially thirty-two maps banned in a single 16v16 match.

Four per player would be up to one hundred twenty-eight.

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Simple, don’t match those players all together. I just want to be able to ban 1 map as a no premium player.

The matchmaker is quite bad in general, and it could use some fixing. Currently certain maps are spammed, and some I haven’t got in forever, and it doesn’t help that some are BR limited when they shouldn’t be, or the limits are too high/low.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t stop 32 players from joining a battle just because 1 person has a map banned, more like it would make that player wait in que for another map

No pay ,no say.


They’ve explained that’s not how it works, several times now. The teams are made and then the map is chosen based on dislikes and bans from the players in that match.