Lim-5P Radar useless?


Hello aviators,

short question:

I have unlocked the german Lim 5P and wonder, what is the radar for? Has it any use except of being green? Most of the time it shows nothing, until I’m almost in gun range.

I never used radars in WT before, as I just reached rank VI last month

I there a key for locking on the target or some kind of aiming indicator?

Otherwise I would just switch it off and fly the thing like a mig 15

That is a gun sight radar, it’s currently useless in War Thunder. I would switch it off to avoid pinging other’s RWR (Radar Warning Receiver). Afaik Lim-5P is just a MiG-17 with afterburner, use it as such.


Yeah, the radar should search for and automatically lock any target in front of the aircraft. It then feeds range info to the gyro gunsight. However, gyro gunsights never seem to have worked properly in WT.


Ok, thank you.
Aiming is not the problem, I´m used to it from the mig 15.
The 3 23mm cannons are easier to aim anyway.


The Lim-5P’s radar is the same that the MiG-19PT uses: a short range search radar (12km) and an even shorter range tracking radar (4.5km).
It’s a primitive radar, and the reason why it always looks green is because the radar is suffering from ground clutter, where the ground is reflected and makes radar unreadable (can be fixed by going at higher alts or pointing the radar away from the ground).

Now, it’s not that bad of a radar
It searches fast, and has some wide angles, but most of the time you won’t find yourself using the radar other than for locking an enemy or when blinded by clouds.
It’s not useless, but you won’t find much of a use for it on a gun fighter.


You can follow people that hide in the clouds !!!


Also, you can use the color of the contacts to your advantage.
If they are half transparent, the contact is above or below the nose
If they are full green, its right on the nose


Had a really cloudy and foggy Ruhrgebiet map yesterday, and found two enemies with the radar.

When the visuals are really, really bad, it may help.

And using the contact’s transparency to your advantage, you can get the enemies right on your gunsights right before they know it