Lets talk for a little bit, please :(

Good afternoon.

Dear playerbase, moderators and developers.

The new update has come out, and there are some things I dont quite understand:

  • Why does the Su27 and J11 get stock irccm missiles, the r73r to be more precisse, while other aircraft like the Grippen or the F15 get a regular ir guided missile, the aim9l?
  • Why there is no counter in the game to the r27er missile?
  • How is this fair and balanced for every player?

Some say things like “then grind the ussr tech tree” or “you grinded the wrong tech tree”, but this is not a propper response to a problem that has been happening for years now, specially considering the ammount of time, effort and dedication a player has to put to reach top tier in just a single nation on a single category of vehicles (wether its air, ground or naval forces).

I know the huge potential that this game has, in fact, many of us do, but I have been asking for a more fair and balanced game for a very long time, but since noone seems to listen on the dev team, now I only want to know why, why is this constant favouritism necessary in a war game as great as this? why can only the vehicles from one nation in the game be competitive in bvr and remain undefeated? why can only one nation in the game get one of the bests if not the best ir missile in the game as a stock missile?

Please, dear moderators, dont block or take down this post, Im not insinuating anything or intending to offend the devs of this wonderful game or the moderators or anyone at all, I only want answers for questions that the comunity has been wondering for quite a while.

Thank you all very much for reading, and have a wonderful day.



Can’t answer 1st and 3rd questions, however i can give a rather technical answer to your 2nd question. The reason why R-27ER is so dominant because there is no such SARH missile counterpart at NATO side. AIM-7MH is esentially M with HoJ (Home on Jam) functionality and AIM-7P is MH with datalink. Even 7P will be outranged and accelerated by ER. The reason we got ER in the first place was due to poor performance of the 27R which has less range and acceleration than R24R used on MiG-23s.


Thank you for explaining, but the r27er has no reason to be in the game considering that they dont plan to add a counter to it in the near future. They could add an aim120, and it would still be slower than the er, but it would be a bit more balanced, because right now, aim7s tend to have lots of issues and glitches. They can miss easy targets, randomly explode if you loose lock for a fraction of a second, etc. If you cant add a counter or something to make all nations competitive, I see no reason why only soviet aircraft must recieve such a powerful missile. Aim7s arent reliable, simple as that, unlike the er wich can easily provide 40+ km kills.

Yes, both AIM-7M/F and S530D cannot really compete against a semi decent fulcrum/flanker player in BVR. It is not because due to superior range as someone thinks (it is indeed useful in some cases) but key factor is the superior top speed and acceleration alongside the datalink support. As for AIM-120A, it would be much better than R-27ER if they want to correctly model the missile itself. Not to mention you could just spam them to 4 different people and hit all four.

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Cause 9Ls still have a no-escape range, and 9Ms are superior to R-73s.
There are counters to R-27ERs, it’s call flying low & notching, identical counter to AIM-7s; unless you mean IRL counters which none were made.

Are you sure about that bro? R60 and AIM-9L can be flared at any distance


Then, delete the r27er, nerf it, or buff the aim7 missiles to make the game fair for everyone

Hahahaha what is that no scape range? 10 cm? Also, its not a matter of flying low or not, its a matter of ussr vehicles being the only competitive ones in BVR

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make a better joke


~1.2km when they’re afterburning, and ~700 meters when they’re not.
War Thunder hasn’t been BVR meta in years my dude, being good in BVR doesn’t mean anything when the playerbase is forcing WVR. There’s a reason many players never die to R-27ERs, including myself.
Your defense of SARHs isn’t the best.

Its still evaideable at 700m, you may just need more flares but its totally possible. The BVR meta has been only held by every single aircraft that got the r27er, other vehicles simply had no chances or weapons to compete too. Stop trying to defend what cant be defended.

BVR meta is AIM-7F/Ms and R-27ER and they’re the AIM-9B of top tier, easiest missiles to not die from.
This is why people want ARHs cause SARHs are inferior to the IR missile meta.

SARHs don’t need you defending them.

Is there a player flying straight at 700 m from u???

afterburning when misslie come at u???

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Gotta escape the person chasing you… that’s the mentality most players have.

You mind telling me how an aim7m or f is balanced against an r27er? Please because I dont see how its fair that the r27er has twice as range and its almost three times faster, while pulling almost double the Gs of the aim7?

There is already something in game that could counter the 27ER…the AIM-54. But it is still very handicapped and I doubt anything will seriously be done before other fox 3s are introduced.

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Sadly the aim54 is the easiest missile to evade, good idea irl but badly implemented in the game.

Cause they’re equally easy to defeat.
Having range & speed doesn’t matter if they notch you & cause your missile to go into the ground.
Also 10Gs is not double.

Bro I flared multiple AIM-9Ls at that distance or even lower with two engines on full afterburner


Isnt the r27er 40 Gs capable and the aim7 25 Gs capable?