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No, it’s 35G.

Well, its still way too much difference

The R-27ER was designed to counter the early AIM-120s, by being much faster than them, thus allowing a russian fighter to effectively engage US jets in BVR.

So there’s never really gonna be a counter to it, just fly low or notch and use chaff.

And the 27ER is still vastly inferior to AIM-120A.
Your story is likely fake; and if it was true 27ERs are so reliant on the AIM-120 user being bad.

The AIM-120As only had a launch range of ~50km, the R-27ER sits at 65km range in head-on. The AIM-120 only got really good with the C model (with launch ranges at 100km+), at first they were really just ARH AIM-7s.

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You can’t look at paper stats with AARHs as the Active part of their design makes them far ahead of missiles that require host radars.

None of that matters if a SARH missile simply has more range. They’ll launch first and with the 27ER’s much greater speed, hit long before the 120A has reached them. AIM-120As also couldn’t track someone 50km away on its own.

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They launch first, dude notches, after defeating the ER they turn toward launch the 120 & the enemy dies.
Welcome to WT.

I’m halfway spading the J-11 and let me tell you, a well-flown flanker is so OP against its competition that the balance of power is even worse than in the early days of the F-14A introduction.

The only thing it is lacking is automatic tws tracking that angles the radar up and down, and subpar amount of flares (still serviceable). Also the radar can angle almost 90º to the sides when locking a target and has no issues maintaining locks from 40km or closer, very hard to notch when in visual range.

yes, i will research all the f15 and gripen modules, then i will play su27 and j11 all the time as possible, the match with 16 su27 and j11 is a hell for me, i have KD 1:2 with f15 but Still can’t have more than 50% win rate. I will change sides in this update.

R-27ER/T were introduced into service in 1990 while the AIM-120 were introduced into service in 1991. It wasn’t designed as a counter to AIM-120 but rather designed to be used specifically for the Su-27 while the R-27R/T was designed to be used by the MiG-29.

If you get the su27 don’t bother with j11 because it is just an heavier su27, as such the su27 is even better in a dogfight and will pull a bit more G’s at high speed

Already Aim-7Es had HOJ. MH gets new autopilot logic with ability to use loft.

  1. who knows. I honestly bet on BIAS. 2 Stock missiles, fine but flanker gets its BEST short range missile as rank one unlock. F15A, which is useless without 9M, gets it as LAST upgrade. WTF
    All current top tiers should have IRCCM missile as stock or none. Same BS as with spall liners but there wasnt enough community whining.

  2. Cuz we dont have amraams yet. NATO pretty much left fox1 concept behind and went for amraam or mica in french case. Union/Russia was absurdly behind in chips and radar tech in 80s and onwards so they couldnt produce working fox3 missile for bearable price to be carried on smaller planes other than huge mig31. Is it balanced, its not. Hopefully they wont add flanker with fox3s and it keeps its absurd missile load vs Amraam where only SMT gets fox3 (it needs it, its pretty bad jet).

  3. Its not.

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All papers, even russian one gives it WAAAAY greater range up to approx 100km.

120as are still quite inferior to the R-27ER. Not sure why people think amraams are a god tier missile…

They only really start becoming good at around the C variant of the missile.

The AIM-120A has vastly inferior kinematic performance when compared to the R-27ER, you will only see the 120 pull ahead with the addition of the 120C, the only boon the A and B have over the ER is the ability to F&F.

However, the AIM-54A and C are glorious examples of the fact that this feature will not be implemented in any acceptable way, so no, the addition of the 120A would frankly probably be a largely moot reality, as it’s kinematic performance is equal or inferior to the existing AIM-7M, thus it would be more of a gimmick weapon, much akin to the 54A and C which currently have little to no reason to exist in their current state.

honestly id just be happy with a radar missile that can compete with the r27ER that is equipped on the USA naval fighter line (that’s the one I grinded), so something like the F18, I honestly don’t care if the r27ER is slightly faster or pulls slightly harder or accelerates faster, I just want a radar missile that’s usable not like the sparrow which just decides to blow up or goes completely off course and tracks the nearest preschool. just something that’s usable honestly


reason why i want the us naval fighter line the most is cause I grinded it specifically knowing it focused on radar missiles and before I got involved in top tier stuff I thought that American radar missiles would behave like they did in real life

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Of course, oddly enough the issue of the missile killing itself could have been fixed a long time ago by simply making all the existing AIM-7Fs / Ms into AIM-7Ps or AIM-7MHs and such a change has been purposed countless times at this point. The missile performance between the makes does not vary in the context of WT beyond the fact that the missile would no longer self terminate after loosing guidance.

For a missile with this feature and comparable actual performance to the ER, there is sadly very little available as the west quickly went after active homing missile systems instead of SARH missile options. The one possible option would be the air launched SM-2MR that was trialed on the F-15, 14 and 16, but it was never developed further than that short term testing.

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