Let's Talk About The State Of US

As we can all know the winrates are on the ground. Let’s discuss the things that can be fixed or added to help the winrates.

This is not a discussion about whether it’s a skill issue or any such thing.

in my opinion it’s not a skill issue, talking from experience the Abrams tech tree is worthless after 10.3, the latest tank SEP V2 did not add any value or good additions for people to grind it more, as they reach 11.0 they realize it and they switch to another nation, an example for such thing is Italy, many people grinded it and when they found out that Ariete are super bad they stopped playing it, now they’re gonna go back to play with the new Leopard 2A7V HU.

US lacking good SPAAs across it’s tech tree, alot of gaps considering it has many IFVs and MBTs that can be added.

US is a great nation that must get some buffs and issues to get fixed urgently.

And let’s not forget No More Premiums, Just Tech Tree Stuff.


Yeah. They are milking the U.S tree for money and add copy-paste vehicles in the same tree (one of them has another MG)

Oh lord here we go again.


How can you possibly say you’re “talking from experience” when you effectively only play one nation? That being the US?

Have you considered actually playing multiple nations? And no, playing on your friend’s dad’s aunt account doesn’t count.


If you gonna say anything useful or can be added to the topic of this discussion then you can leave and go on with your day.


I said “from experience” as i know what i’m talking about, and playing multiple nations won’t change anything.

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Well no. It will change something. It will allow people to look at your stats and see you do just as poorly if not worse in many of the vehicles at ~10.3-11.7 (the BRs where the Abrams is found) compared to the Abrams.

That’s exactly what they’re doing, i mean US is a great nation that can get various vehicles, i don’t see as problem really.

There isn’t much more to add to be honest, maybe the Thumper, but gaijin loves FOMO, so it would be an event vehicle, such as the Obj.292 with its Mega-dart. There’s is Tons of missing mid-low tier things that are missing, and should be added, most arguable before any more modern stuff. To be more than fair, the 5 second reload on the Abram’s is insane.


Is this about US vehicles in general or a specific BR range?
I find the US vehicles up to 7.3 very pleasant so far. But I have no plans to go any higher.


There’s alot to be added, considering the gaps in the SPAA line, and more modern IFVs, but yeah i agree more stuff to be added mid-low tier.

It is insane and whats more insane if it can challenge the other Top Tier MBTs but sadly it can’t.

lol. My man did you forget about the chally 2s, arietes, and merkavas?


I really wouldn’t understand why people mention other nations on a topic that’s far away from them, i realize they’re in pain, i want them all to have equal MBTs, but please we’re talking about Abrams here and US nation in general.

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SPAA for sure, I fully agree with that, but the only other “IFV” style vehicles they would get is more Bradly variants. Only two more other than more Bradley IFV’s than I can think of, and it’s the XM30, and AIFV, the AIFV would be much lower BR and Tier, and the XM30 is a heavily modified Predecessor to the KF-41.

The 5 second reload means that if you engage any T-tank, you well out-reload it, if they hit and don’t do anything, you have the second shot before they can. Only thing that can beat the Abrams is LecLerc, and I don’t even think it can beat it.

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These are great things + bradley can get more modern variant the one with Trophy, but yeah it might take a while.

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There is a SEP-V.3 with SAAB Barracuda MSC and trophy; it was only a test vehicle, but pretty cool.

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Look at this dude.
He thinks the abrams is bad.


Dude you just said the Abrams can’t compete against top mbts. That is incorrect so I mentioned a few other top mbts to give you perspective.


I’m waiting for my man necrons to come in here and slap him about the head with his fantastic abrams stats.


Honestly they should’ve added the SEP-V3 instead of the V2, its more than capable to fix these winrates and bring US Players to go back to grind for it (if it get modeled correctly ofc)