Lets talk about the state of Germany

still exist on t90m

Yeah then I doubt it’ll be at a higher BR than BVM.

Sooo, good catch by @theKEY the dev blog specialy says with rank 8 they will add tanks currently in service, which pretty much restricts it to 2A7V considering the standard 2a7 is no upgrade


it will be cuz otherwise it WOULD BE “RUSSIAN BIAS”

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Not so much it not being an upgrade, it’s no longer in service lol.

All Leopard 2A7s were rebuilt to 2A7Vs.

nah, main gun armed light tanks at top tier are meh.

The big things germany is missing are (imo):

  1. Better armored MBT with better thermals

  2. IFV with actual flex capability (IFV’s are important because they offer a good balance of decent close range AA capabilities to mitigate heli rushes and plane non-pgm strikes from jets all while still being useable vs other ground vehicles

  3. A heli that doesnt get folded in two by a biplane

  4. Fixed wing CAS that can carry more than 4 PGM’s and/or can flex in the CAP role

  5. is being fixed this patch it seems

  6. never gonna be fixed unless they fix AHEAD and fix the Puma as a whole

  7. never gonna happen unless germany gets another nations heli

  8. Not gonna happen til later Eurofighter variants afaik.

T14 (152mm) gets added because russia suffers. Krokbros rejoice

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Not exist yet

I would like to see how they would implement that.
152mm is big, especially in telescoped. So it might be able to get ammo racked.

my guess tornado thermals?

Ok i understood your numbering got a bit fucked

  1. yeah thank duck

  2. fair but generaly a light tank with big gun helps in the way of easier spawn point reduction for planes /helis

3.yeah no chin gun is annoying, funnily enough yesterday i made a suggestion to add the actual spanish eurocopter had block 2 to the german tree, the one france has is the one they tested. Gotta see how that plays out

4:yeah eurofighter or switz f/a 18 would do the job, or they decide to give germany one of their tested /evaluated stuff

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not much point in playing CAS when your CAS is bad besides just enjoyement

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gotta work with what we get

Hopefully Gaijin will jump straight to ASSTA 4 since Germany is integrating Brimstones into it:


And it also has a proper CM loadout;
100 flares and 100 chaff

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wont happen, the Assta 4 was a plan, but never actualised, the most modern tornado is the Assta 3.1

Never was in german service

u are in the wrong part of the forum to start that discussion

Incorrect, it’s actually the SLE. It also seems like ASSTA 4 and SLE projects were merged sometime in 2018.

Even then , it didnt realy receive anything new ,the bristome were not implemented Panavia Tornado IDS SLE - Forever Young

That’s an on-going process. GAF Eurofighters still aren’t flying with the Brimstone for example, even though Germany has already ordered them, and worked on integrating into T4 jets for a while now.

Isn’t that a PSO-VT