Lets talk about the state of Germany

Hummel will make german artillery more individual. Not just M109 clone.


sad but expected. Somehow I have the feeling the vilkars isn’t even in the german tree

I’ve read your post about 7V and from what I could’ve tell, it is much better than our current 11.7s to only be at 12.0, but this is Gaijin after all we’re dealing with so everything is possible.

Yeah, getting 13.0 would be really, really nice.

You mean the same weakspots compared to all other soviet tanks so nothinig changes while being slower than bvm

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What weakspots? Turret weakspots are smaller than Leopard 2A6, and hull is as strong as T-80BVM.

By the looks of it, it would trade some mobility for better turret armor.

lower front plate top of the turret vision ports compared to leo 2a7v it had worse weakspots

You mean the place it never gets shot at ?

its that, or a punch into the face for the israels, honestly, for the sake of the sanity of the isralian playerbase i hope it is german

I don’t even recall how many times I’ve messed up BVM through their hilariously weak turrets. It’s surely an improvement, but you’ll also lose some mobility, so it’s more like a side-grade to BVM.

it will be worse bvm with worse acceleration while still having big gun breach weakspot lower plate weakspot

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2s38 is also a prototype and its been ingame for a while now and is probs one of the best selling premiums

true either way a 120mm light tank actualy would be sth german tree could need/use

*stronger. better ERA, raised and armored carousel, better base armor

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same base armor of t-90A better turret new era

Do you think it could be added to israel?

the turret of the vilkars is from israel yeah

israel would be accetable but I would still be mad that another nation gets the boxer chassie first

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welcome to germany tech tree, where everyone and everybody gets better or earlier shit then you (KF41)

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What about turret ring and drivers port ?