Lets talk about the state of Germany

still in the stars then, we might actualy see the eurofigther earlier then a finalised SLE.
Additionaly all eurofighters from tranche 2 onwards are brimstone capable and gajin propably give them all the capability to equip them, since we do have pictures of german ones having them equipped as well

when are they going to add data link to stingers, increase their G-limit and fix the way the IRCCM works? Situations like these make me froth at the mouth

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Nope lmao stinger bad (according to gaijin only)

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2A7+UPORP , it has the 2a5 gun for city fights

Not really. For example the expansion of LJDAMs to more pylons is part of ASSTA 4 (Weapon Upgrades e.g Brimstone, LAGS, etc):


BOZ-101 EC is also part of ASSTA 4 (Future Dispenser System / Missile Warner (FDS/MW) DASS Integration Step 3):


Both of those are far easier to integrate however, and with Germany ordering Brimstones, it’s wholey possible they will soon be seen on the SLE as well.

Even if SLE doesn’t receive Brimstones right away in War Thunder, it will still bring forth welcome improvements, such as;

  • Lightening III
  • HOSBO F&F bombs
  • BOW radar capable of detecting K band (Pantsir in other words)
  • proper CM loadout
  • NVG
  • IRIS-T )))))
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let me qoute gaijin “An average overload of 20G for a missile of this kind is fundamentally impossible”

they said WHAT

you can read it in the Kings of Battle Q&A



2A7HU confirmed. Let’s go

nah not realy, italy is getting Centauro 2 and then most likely the Ariete versions that are missing first
Remember it is the italian main tree , not the hunagarian one xD hungary is second fiddle

Most modern Hungarian tank is 2a7HU

yes again, ITALY TREE not hungarian, the hungarian 2a7hu will come at a later point

His point is they’ll focus on Italy first. The 2A7HU will come, but not before the Italian stuff get more fleshed out. Hungary is the subtree, not Italy.

Yes but Italy has Hungarian subtree and most modern Hungarian tank is 2a7HU

that doesnt mean it is coming this update

They can add both

If it was coming, it would’ve been included on the leak list…

literaly wont happen, besides that the hu has a different turret model. Italy is getting Centauro 2 this update if the leak list is true.

If gajin adds the HU know, it literaly wont be worth getting the italian Ariete tanks anymore