Lets talk about the state of Germany

I’ve been calling 12.0 for a number of weeks now.
T-90M alone confirms 12.0; An actually armored Soviet tank compared to 90A & BVM.

PSO should be after 2K. (the tank really is a hindrance, it shouldn’t have come, we should have received 2A6EX instead).

2A6 should receive a researchable mod (M+). The difference with 2A5 is imperceptible.

We should now receive 2A6EX (this should have come instead of PSO’s broken bag) and 2A7+UrbOp. (don’t forget that Germany has less MBT than other major nations).

I love the 2A7V, it really is a monster. The problem is that it will be just a decoy, the product of a vile marketing maneuver.

12.0 Not a big increase…(at least for 2A7V). You still have things like 2PL in 11.3, which have no lineup and always end up being 11.7 (with DM43…)

should just get dm53 at this point and bring it to 11.7. Might as well make it even more of a glass cannon


What would 2A7Vs frontal weaknesses be against current ammunition we have in game ?

Yes, now that we have rank VIII confirmed, 2PL should receive DM53. Currently it doesn’t make any sense. We went from 10.3 to 11.7 (2PL was left alone in that huge gap).

If you do not exceed 16 shells in the tank, very few.

So gun mantlet, drivers port and LFP ?
Although shooting LFP would probably only get 1 crew and an engine, so sub-optimal to say the least.

Mantlet and lower portions of the hull.

By Gaijin’s logic that’s more than fine for 12.0 lmao.

Then you remember that the mantlet is an artificial weakpoint :)))

(will never get fixed anyways).

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I’m really curious to see how broken (either in OP or trash way) 7V will be.
Your guesses on what is going to be our highest BR in ground ?

13.0 unless they decompress.

2A8 at 12.3
2Ax(9) at 13.0 in ~5 years time

I meant to say highest BR for this update.
I sure hope they won’t keep us at 11.7 lol.

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Ah. Seeing as this is a completely new Rank - 12.0 (lets be honest, they won’t decompress it to 12.7 cus “muh queue times”).

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Do you guys think we will get a tech tree boxer this update aswell since the vilkars is an event vehicle (probably in the german tree. another tree wouldn’t make sense)

they’ll go up to 12.3 likely. Thats top BR for jets and helis atm. It should get decompressed to 13.0 tho imo.

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doubt , besides that technicaly germany has no weaponised boxer variants themself yet. if you dont count prototypes like 120mm cannon as german that can be added

nah, till come as an event vehicle first, then as TT models later.

Granted, I think the german boxer variants are gonna be mid in-game. Mk30-2 ABM, despite being a fantastic gun irl, is turbo trash in-game. Itll basicly be a more mobile, less protected, larger target Puma IFV. Skyranger 30 will be particularly trash seeing as its gun will be terrible vs air targets and itll be armed with turbo trash stingers lmao

As much as I like the Boxer, I dont want to see it in-game, cuz I know itll piss me off.

eh skyranger is prototype as well, they only finishing details and contract about the production model now. And once they add an actual spaa they need to fix the AHEAD, i believe in it!