Lets talk about the state of Germany

How is Bowie relevant here?
He’s not a community manager

There is a major misunderstanding here, his response is just forwarded the response from the developer to CBR.

That still contradicts the current ingame situation though and also misses the point of the report

Penetration with addon armor, ricochet without addon armor.
The response makes no sense because the base armor is 35mm and ricochets while the addon is 45mm and is now supposedly overmatchable?


But you guys are suddenly blaming someone who did nothing wrong, and that’s not right.

Create a new report with it, and I’ll forward it right away.


propably the case, because it was trickzzter in particular, he tends to just dismiss bug reports to quickly in general, which we then have to resubmit and then in the same state gets accepted and repaired


No matter how much evidence you will give them they will atill find a stupid excuse to tell you no this is an example


At times to this i remember back to the wet ammo storage fiasco, were some mods propably just arent that good with the english language



Russian tanks do have a wet storage yes, but to everyone else it was pretty clear everybody was talking about the carousel. Which ended up in the fiasco / debate that gajin gives russia auto loader carousel wet storage which just is bizarre

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Innocent until proven guilty, but I think it does call into question how many of those reports have been correctly assessed by him. Do bug reports get directly forwarded to developers or do moderators have an option to tamper with the reports before that?

Ah yes the spinning ammo carousel thats stored in diesel. Yep makes a lot of sense. That totally wouldnt cause diesel to coat the entire crew compartment.

And considering all the photos weve luckily gotten out of a certain conflict we can see how these russian tanks fair irl. And we know the underdog wasnt using leo 2a6s and m1a2seps yet these russian mbts that completely obliterate top tier are being destroyed seemingly quite easily.


Guys, i have some trash information:



This is joking, but something of these may be true

You can tell these leak lists are unreliable by the fact theres no ww2 stuff. Wheres the ww2 japanese heavy fighter?

I just found that and repost there

will go apeshit if the huns get the 2a7 before germany.

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So “weak” Italy need to be stronk

So is anyone making a new report ? @FurinaBestArchon (that name change confused me there for a minute) do you wanna remake your report? i dont know if you added something we might not see

This is a tad unrelated, but does anyone know if there’s a way to update your username on the bug report page?

idc if anything about is true and germany gets another sidegrade to leopard 2a4 im done with it

the sad part is, that it’ll probably happen

2A4M, then make it as the winter event reward.