Lets talk about the state of Germany



ive got a secret admirer it seems 😉

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I’m sure most people forgot about the G.91 R/3… but not me! :D

G.91 R/4 incorrect maximum weapons load weight
G.91 R/3 incorrect maximum weapons load weight
G.91 R/3 should be able to use its ordnance on any pylon
G.91 R/3 missing AGM-12B Bullpup AGM
G.91 R/3 missing AS-30 Nord AGM
G.91 R/3 missing M116A1 750 lb fire bombs
G.91 R/3 missing Matra 25E 250 kg bombs
G.91 R/3 missing LAU-32 rocket launcher
G.91 R/3 missing LAU-51 rocket launcher


Getting some bullpups would be nice, the Nords have been lacking ever since they nerfed the explosive filler…


These are the AS-30s which are quite good. 100kg of TNT equiv. compared to the 58kg on the Bullpup.


I also made this report a while ago, still waiting for a response from TrickZZter :D

F-4F Early missing access to CCIP

This probably just ignorance, but how come the BMP2M’s fire rate is so high? It’s spitting out the same caliber round (more or less) as the Puma. Has it got something to do with the length of the round or its mass, or is it just German engineers being careful about the gun overheating?

On the old forum’s “Schutzenpanzer PUMA: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”, i remember a point of contention was whether the limiter on the PUMA’s 30mm MK30-2/ABM could be removed. A series of pictures from inside the hull had seemed to show something of the sort.

The turret is unmanned so once the ammo is out, the crew must leave the hull has in order to restock the ammo, so ammo conservation is important. Ergo, the rate of fire is limited. It is for the same reason that the 30 mm was chosen over say, 35, 40 or 50 mm. Smaller calibre means more ammo can be stored.

Yeah was part of that discussion, in short no it is not possible, apparently the Puma gun has a special mechanic to catch the gun breatch to increase gun accuracy , it just is the case that this mechanic has not been implemented into the game yet and we dont benefit of this increased accuracy it should have, Gun overheating is still to high i think as well. But personaly after the update it got i dont have problems with the gun overheating realy

Its really funny to me that half of the entire discussion was a back and forth between users and mods that went something like:

Users: “Puma missing XYZ , please fix/add it.”
Mods: “Cannot, no other vehicle has this in game”

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eh not completly true, KF41 shares them, i had hopes they would fix the gun issues at that point including AHEAD but oh well, the new sabot pedal mechanic at least seems like a good step to implement ahead

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What they mean is that it hasn’t come to a Russian vehicle yet


Right when it was announced/added, i mean.

Wait thats right, it was the incorrect implementation of the MUSS that had the mods spitting out brain dead responses

no worries, it is natural that you get it confused, considering how long the bug list of the puma is

is it still the giant light bulb in night battles ?
been a while since i had night battles and puma in the same game

hmm not sure, havent used the puma yet in one of those, despite it being in my top tier lineup.