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Leopard 2 incorrect maximum speed

You guys think I have enough sources?

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It would be cool addtion if the LEO2A5 woudl get its APU so when the egnine is off it would supply power to the tank instead of draining its battery.

The A6 was not fitted with an APU AFAIK. The Leopards to get an APU would be the Leopard 2A7V (and HU), 2 PL, and 2 PSO. @FurinaBestArchon can correct me if I’m wrong…

That is correct. The German Army’s Leopard 2A5/6 tanks were not fitted with APUs due to cough, budgetary constraints. The only serial production variants of the 2A5/6 to have received APUs belong to Greece (2A6HEL), Spain (2E) and Denmark (2A5DK).

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sorry, but you’re just wasting your time. Gaijin won’t change it, just like so many other things.
Even if you drove the tank at 72km/h in front of them, they won’t want to change it.

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yep and Gaijin say no APU´s for Tanks


shouldnt have read your name, its pretty concerning

Gaijin say the Operator for the Weaponstations on Leopard 2 PSO/2AV/2A7HU is the Commander.

KNDS training Simulator say it is the Loader.

Gaijin makes her own Wishes and Rules, not the Reality.


They’ve already started adding extra modules to tanks, I think they’ll consider it.


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the moment i saw your username dude lol


do you have link or offical information on that?

It’s a simple cludeo my friend.

Have you ever seen a Bundeswehr owned production Leopard 2A5 or 2A6 with an APU? You can tell if it has one by a presence of a rear bump on the right side of the hull.

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I hope we will get this with a potential 3rd batch of Pumas (which is highly likely)

very likely the drone system was already decided to be a thing yes or yes since now thanks to the drone warfare this is a must together with the MUSS 2.0 wich would be great to increase the capacities to defend the PUMA even more

Talked about it to 2 Friends of mine that are Mechanics for Armored Vehicles in the German army, its true

New bug report, tehe:




2A7HU’s mantlet is straight up better than 2A7Vs. In PA it’s generally better & generates less spall.


Well, that very “Interesting”

Italian Bias? Let’s go.

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