Lets talk about the state of Germany

Do you really think Gaijin will do such thing?

We’re talking about Gaijin here, company that never cared about hundred percent accuracy or balance.

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You know one barracuda is in game and does nothing and two most russian cas planes have no thermals

Also even if we would get it
With a working function we would probably have to wait till special need nation get’s it as well
spall liner and stuff, remember ? ;)

ye but it just looks cool
And if it would be working would be even better ,^^

send it to me as well


Can i have them too?


be amazed when you find out what … that guy is up too…

Only about making Russia look strong. They are genuinely so lucky that some guy back when the game was made didn’t decide to have battles go off of eras (set Decade where vehicles from that decade can be used).

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Barracuda on the Wiesels would be so nice.


one funny thing about the wiesel is that most of its thermal signature comes from the lower part of the tank and the exhaust so, you dont need to fully cover it in order to work


It’s not so much about thermal signature for me, its about how its capabilities as a stinky little RAT could be improved.


ah then lemme present you the Wiesel 1 MELLS with full on forest package


Is that a SPIKE? Also, still waiting on the Wiesel HOTs.

yes that’s indeed a Spike, to be more precise a Spike LR2


They should have a light vehicle update where they give us all the different variants of the Wiesel, HUMVEE with TOW, JLTV with 30mm and Javelin, UAZ with Konkers, Willys Jeep with TOW, BRDM with the 5 Konkers launchers on top and all sorts of other light funny vehicles.

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Shameless self insert


More rats are always good


Marder also got it. As well as the Boxers and all other vehicles. Even the MAN trucks.

Puma IFV has no Barracuda package, cause IR suppression is already considered and “built in”. Unfortnately Gajin’s War Thunder models heat of jet engines and how accessible this is to IR guided missiles…but doesn’t do any calculations considering the IR profile of ground vehicles. They all appear the same generic way, even when you camoflage them up with vegetation. Even when they have Barracuda spectral camouflage like this ingame Challenger.


Would look like this. Russian Su-25’s currently see every enemy vehicle in bright white from many km away, from altitude and shot their KH’s from far outside SAM range. There is no way to hide. Its like russian perma win mode. Something needs to be done and this would be a simple way.

(Better would have been not to introduce anti ground missiles and target pods which work from dozens km away. Its so dumb. This gameplay is meh, even for WT standards. Pointless turkeyshot.)


The PSO is built with a smaller thermal signature in mind as well