Lets talk about the state of Germany

Sometimes I guess Sweden is even a more handhold nation than Russia. So Swedish community started to think they’re indeed something special and sophisticated.

I mean they don’t even question things like this. How it comes that a single, rotten target range tank…

…evolves into this in War Thunder. In their threads they even refer to it it as ‘our’ heavy tank. Wounder where they got ammunition from, after the war ended …

This story is even more hilarious that the Mi-28 chopper, where a russian pilot made a few evaluation flights over Sweden and they got this thing added… With that logic its also obvious why in WT 30 Year old swedish Leopards still beat the most modern German ones …


I mean you also refuse to see that most of the swedish players disagreed with the tiger. Most wanted something that wqs in the game which was the finnish kv-1b, this whole problem is gaijin own personal mess. Like how they refused to read the document that clearly stated the bagel had a 720hp engine over the 600hp. Not to mention that same document had the LWS and apfsds mentioned. Gaijin with their decisions are just some of the most redundant views ive seen. Its pretty clear gaijin is very pick and choose when it comes to stuff. Like the fact that the 2a7V in game is the prototype and should be renamed if they plan on using the swedish trial prototype values. On the topic of the swedish heli premium what do you suggest they add? Ive stated before the t80 wqs dumb and shouldve been a patria model but the heli has essentially nothing. If you have a suggestion do list it. The topic of german vehicles getting treated worse for top tier is very much a noticeable thing that i wont deny when it is pretty apparent and the bug reports ive agreed with have been listed as not a bug or have been listed as acknowledged and placed in perpetual soon™.

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It isn’t? Prototype lacked certain features that are present on production models. The 2A7V we’ve got is the latter.

The problem at hand is that Gaijin is using values of the earlier prototype variant (IVT) that Germany never ever planned on operating since, it was developed further into the Leopard 2 TVM max (which was what Germany planned on operating at first, and what had become the Strv 122 after the trials).

As you said, Gaijin is “very picky” (although in this case I’d say they’re cherry-picking).


Finnland is Germany’s ally and cooperation partner. In WW1, in WW2 and after the world wars. We equipped and assisted Finnland in both World Wars + after to met our interests and not to somehow indirectly boost Sweden, like War Thunder spins it.

Well, Germany also got the helis it used and nothing else. Still no attack chopper with nose gun etc. Hard, I know.

Sweden evolved to a menace for German mains. Leeching from our tech trees. Getting our best and iconic units. Stealing the best ally we had in the first half of last century. Making a small 10 million citizen country a war thunder powerhouse that is better than all main nations, bar Russia.


I dont get why they dont just buff the armor, its what? 10-15% less than it should? My german is pretty lacking so most documents that aren’t in English/Spainish are hard to read but from what ive seen the 2a7v is an amalgamation of what gaijin wants. Similar to the f5c being like 4 nations vertions all put together. Ive argued before that the swedish trials, while yes are where many armor values gaijin uses come from, i disagree that they use those base values for later models like the 2a7v which has no right having worse armor than the 122B+

I almost envy you for thinking it’s only that much. Think more in terms of… 50% less.


Didnt answer either of my questions. I personally think gaijin didnt want to give the kv-1b because it was an event vehicle for germany. So they decided a tiger would be a good replacement which is a bad decision. Now for the helicopter please do find something to replace it cause everyone is basically fine with that.

Like i said not the best german speaking lol, now if it was Spainish i could read most lol. Im learning about 5 languages currently so id love to be fluent in all of them equally. Also for the armor the only reason i can see them not giving that value is for balance? (Not like thats been their priority before)

More like idiots that sit in higher up believe in something like that remember R-73 that some guy believes it equivalent to AIM-9X or stinger can’t put more than 10G because Igla can’t? full of donkeys if you ask me


Swedish Leopard from 1997 > German Leopard from 2022. Makes so much sense. The swedish war thunder mystery.

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Our swedish ones have been blessed by Odin himself, of course they are better
If you need it, we’ll send over Loki to help out (results may vary)

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Wow such an amazing shot, im pretty sure that T-90M deserved to one shot me by simply shooting at my empty space.

Thanks gaijin for another nerf, it was just needed.


Fix German tanks? Nuh uh.
Nerf them? drools

I’m calling it now, Gaijin will eat up the propaganda that Russia releases about the 2A6 & DM53 and nerf both (along with every other Leopard 2) to the ground.


This is just unaccaptable.

That T-90M basically shot my lower glacis where hull ammunition suppose to be yet somehow it managed create enough spalling to by-pass all those empty space and killed my entire turret crew.

Never seen such a bs damage model before tbh…

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well can’t be allowed that russian’s don’t 1 shot leopards when aiming at empty space lol

Meanwhile russian side armor remains a blackhole together with the ammorack

To bad there is no other game like that
But my wallet is closed, no more gaijoobles for greedy russians

what will they do ? Remove the engine ? or just go like
“secret document’s” xD
have shown dm53 penetrates 30mm at 10meter
And the leopard has no era/nera and is just pure steel?
(which would explain the gained weight on the 2a7v, with the barely noticable armor upgrade) XD

I was planning to buy some Premium account and ge because of the discount.

Nope, not gonna drop a single coin to this company until they fix this bs.

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Better get used to it then. This new nerf only happened because some Russian (main) couldn’t one-hit-kill a 2A4 with bad shot placement btw…

Germany’s got nerfed to accomodate for Russian players being bottom of the barrel.

Here, this is what L26 does to Leopard 2a4, truly amazing.

First shot basically nuked his entire crew even tho i was aiming at his driver, very realistic indeed.

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this is just bullshit everyone knows it
Its just the perfect example of some bullshit reports that get accepted with 0 evidence except for “russia suffers” and can’t 1hit …

meanwhile all nations have to pixel aim vs russian fantasy tanks

and thanks to big boss stona i even got 2 days forum break :)


It is indeed bs and its not just 2A4.

2A5 and 2A6 also suffers from same issue.