Lets talk about the state of Germany

thank you pacifica o7


so anyways trade offer


What happened here lol

somebody attempted to troll and i say “attempted” cuz he tried to be funny and it was horrible trolling attempt and then as soon as i called Paciifca, he started editing his messages and reporting ours to then say it was “his opinion,” and then he got banned for a few days for acting up and defying the moderator.



Well he really tried to act Smart and tought he could fool a mod when, he ended up as an absolute clown and straight up an idiot with no filter behind that because the only description to this it’s plain and simple stupidity



Prepare to hear & see a lot of propaganda soon(ish). Russia got their hands on DM53A1, so I’m sure they will talk smack about it (oh wow its so bad, it can’t do anything to le glorious T-72 xaxaxa, etc), and of course, be mentally ready for a possibility of Gaijin forgetting about their “oh no, we won’t use eastern sources for western stuff :))” and nerfing DM53 based on the released propaganda.


its not made from greatest Russian DU so there for it is bad



Linked their source for all APFSDS rounds.
Unless the result shows up there, there won’t be a change.
Whether you’re joking or not.

For the amount of times yet 2A7V still the game well i think it possible that gaijin will pulling that sht on Leo they are look like a donkey soon as they said 2A7V have inferior armor than 122

  • Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2A6, Leopard 2A7V, Strv 122A, Strv 122B PLSS, Strv 122B+ — a bug which caused the amount of shrapnel when penetrating the front of the hull to be low has been fixed. (Report ).

Good thing bad aiming gets rewarded now :)

Meanwhile t80 and friends don’t Know what spalling is at all


Just tested with T-90M on test Drive and it basically nukes leo2A4 even with bad shot.

İ guess this is how they nerf the leopards, might as well just fix the armor on 2A7 so it can actually tank incoming rounds properly.


The fact that the devs have the audacity to “fix” that whilst being silent on russian tanks spalling less without spall liners than the Leo 2A7V with them speaks volumes.


Btw this is one of the worst bug report i ever saw in my life yet it was accepted.

Meanwhile detailed reports about potantiel buffs/fixes getting rejected :)


And what tank would that be ?

Probably BVM, shit is magical

Yea sometimes sideshots are a little bit trolly, lfp is always oneshot though.
Compare that to A7 is just complete copium.

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The majority of time you get no spalling on the BVM. The amount of times I’ve hit the drivers port gone all the way through and only killed the driver is obnoxious. Lower plate is no where near a kill every time too the same thing has happened where I’ve gone all the way through and either hit the ammo and it doesn’t blow up or getting no spalling somehow goes through the rounds without hitting them and takes the engine out.