Lets talk about the state of Germany

worse of all is the fact he even makes up blatant lies just for the sake of nerfing the leopard because he obviously dosent know how to play the game, he its the biggest dumbass i’ve seen in the forums by far

oh boy i had a laugh reading it, yes it was translated via google but still xD

then go pick me up as well lol

What else is left to nerf ?
mantlet ? or tracks/engine ? :D

firstly they might not accept it.
secondly how, do you plan to ram it into their office? lol
if is true, count me in

well its rather obv that russian stuff is garbage, as you see in rl and shown ingame to a degree,hence the fantasy buffs and nato stuff works as expected, hence the nerfs
but at one point, that it reached it long ago, its just became? more and more obvious that gaijin favours russia and gives them all the handholding they need…

I mean russian tanks are known for 2 things

  1. they are dirt cheap
  2. the stuff they can is greatly overestimated (after all russia can’t have worse tanks then nato xaxa)
  3. they throw the turret when penetrated and the crew gets vaporized…
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Elevation speed and gunner optics :D

well they are already at it

with that…
so i guess we will find out sooner or later what or how they nerf it xD

You see comrade we will model detailed internal compartment for Abrams and Leopards so we can nerf them more Meanwhile Russian autoloaders will keep working under any situation xd


Why every time i get here i get slapped with the news of a random nerf for german vehicles for absolutely no reason what next increase the Br of Pz. IV bc they have good cannons, more nerfs to the 229 bc why not, or randomly nerf the Leo2s armour and mobility for no reason

I don’t get it.

Isn’t he sharing a diagram that agrees with Western sources as well as Gaijin’s implementation of the Leopard 2A4 turret protection?

The diagram is fake. Also pay attention to head-on protection; it’s only 350mm RHAe vs KE instead of the real ~430 - 440mm.

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dude faked sources? Things like this should be a ban for writing reports and writing on the forum

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i agree faking official information is already a crime in official documents from countries so idk why here it shouldnt go without punishment

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Nah he’s too dumb for that. He got it from a chinese blog. You can still find it there, you can also find it on the Sturgeon House forum where a user ‘Wiedzmin’ debunked it.



Take a look for yourself.

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damn that looks like the old forum.

But it says B-technologie.

350mm vs KE @ 60° frontal arc vs KE is correct based on available sources, as is 700mm vs CE @ 60° frontal arc.
The arrow pointing towards the turret cheek is at the same 30° offset as the arrows pointing towards turret side protection, I don’t think the author of that diagram is implying the armour only reaches 350mm head-on.

B-tech it’s used by leopard 2A3 models C it’s used by 2A4


The Leopard 2A4 only received improved intergrated hull and turret protection by the 6th batch in 1988.
Previously built Leopard 2A4’s featured B-technologie intergrated armour packages.

sources?, just got clarification that’s my bad didnt knew the 2a4 ingame uses B tech

Maybe, but it’s pretty vague tbh so better safe than sorry.


Maybe it’s your language, think about it.