Lets talk about the state of Germany

ah so you’re paying someone else to pay the Telekom to give you internet


PSO Same armor Same Thermal Same gun dozer blade need to be research but without Dozer blade it still miss add on armor basically same crap as 2A5
@Smin1080p care to explain why when it should use D tech? i know that you didn’t make decision but you are the only one who can tell dev that we’re angry


No demo camo :((((


We need a Germany focused Major Update. Proper modern Tech like KF41, Spikes for Puma, real Leopard 2 PSO, 2A7, F-4 ICE etc

Return of original and unchanged Panther II, Flakpanzer 341, Tiger II 10.5

Fixing the Air tree by adding missing bomb loads etc.

Sturmtiger with anti-concrete round and improved LFP

And so on.


well all we need right now are proper armor for PSO the rest can wait don’t be rush buddy

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had fun checking it out in protection…

didn’t even brother to play more then 1 round
just to feed 1 braincell ru mains
armor that is just wait great

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Ok sugar plum. That is why Germany has the best round right? Total disrespect.

mind explaining that to a planes only player like me?

best round ? because of the pen ? xD which is still useless because
A: contact 5 eats it 9/10 times ?
B: you barely can pen more then with dm33 ?XD

it should have anti ERA tips but gaijin don’t add it because too scared that will killing Russian tanks too well

Bruh, why you need this?

I think he means the heat shell with an absured amount of penetration. It’s not really necessary but would be probably good for grinding god mode

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You already have nice shell on Sturmtiger, lul. Btw, Sturmtiger shell have its own overpressure calculations, which makes it better than some heavy bombs, like FAB-3000

What? IS2 and other heavy tanks often eat my shells with only the track and gun damaged. It’s surly not better than every bomb over 500 kg


On direct hit it penetrates more than written in its statcard.

That video ignores roof armor. Most of the shells shot by the sturmtiger didn’t go through the plate but the roof. For example the clips with the maus

For example with the brummbar and kv2 you need to aim at the turret aswell for the explosion to go through the roof. You only can defeat kv1s with this tactic

bombs are more or less bugged at the moment and randomly do no damage.

Gaijin really knows how to make tech trees full of useless garbage. I don’t see why should anyone still play Germany. Best planes are from other countries, best Leopard 2 is in Sweden. If any new players ask me which country to choose, it will either be USA or USSR.


Don’t forget the nerf to all German 20mm AA guns, no slap rounds for the 3.7 guns.


Germany’s equipment is better than USSR.

Editing cause got false-flagged by someone upset that Soviets made worse equipment.

Oh lol, look at all the Germany haters that liked a statement that it’s insult to say Germany’s equipment is better than USSR.


Such a good post to summarize, must be seen by Gaijin