Leopard 2pso

How ? …
I mean i know gajooble has to make sura russia keeps up the point and click adventure
So why add this piece or garbage in the first place now ?




What do you think eh?
if Russian main can’t point and click they will cry like babies and gaijin really can’t stand that (can’t imagine if playing Russia nowaday and still lose in some match that mean something wrong with their skills already)


im just waiting for a answer from that ru defender
Because of “Russian skill ceiling is higher”

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Russian skills higher never thought that even possible.
all i see is head holding by gaijin even Neanderthal can do well playing Russia

Neanderthalers had large brains. Don´t underestimate them :)

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Razer will be here soon to defend them, dont worry xd.


I just start to think maybe people should just like ignore him.
his words have no value anyway none of his words make sense.

İ agree.

Andd who would’ve thought. This is honestly a fucking joke.

@RazerVon They didn’t fix shit. Those “internal” reports you talked about must have been ignored the same way my report was.

@Smin1080p Yooo; Gaijin.net // Issues

Second time I ping you about this.

Fix to this when? MEXAS-H is still volumetric on the live server so it doesn’t shatter anything, and is completely worthless. When can we expect y’all to actually fix this? Among other things btw; it seems they broke it further, neutral steering sucks, it locks up at 1300rpm so it cannot turn properly.


Turret armor was fixed, which is all I cared about.

Show it.

Besides that, lmao.

Yes show it

Yes show it

They didn’t even bother to fix the hull rack lmao.

This is pathetic.

Waiting for the day when instead of chosing which servers I want to play on, I chose a server from which I don’t want to have people from.